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An Afghanistan in which Afghan women and female entrepreneurs have national and international recognition for their contribution in the sustainable economic development of Afghanistan and unimpeded access to economic opportunity and prosperity.


AWCCI works to meaningfully represent, advance, and secure Afghan women’s economic interests, nationally and internationally.


AWCCI engages in advocacy to advance the interest of its members and to create a better environment for all working women in Afghanistan.


Since 2002, many none profit organizations started working for Afghan women’s empowerment and rights achievement. Almost all focused their activities and advocacy work on women’s political, social and cultural participation and rights. None has taken on women’s economic participation or business women’s concerns so far. The need for an entity to organize business women’s voice and advocate for their interests is emphasized on in the report; Women’s Economic Empowerment, Information mapping, 2002-2012, Afghan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU): At the national level, an umbrella Afghan women’s organization is needed.A group of businesswomen realized this need and lack of existence of a platform so they collaborated and established Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD). LEAD was established in 2013 and officially launched on January 22, 2014. It was registered with the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries as a Businesswomen’s Union. LEAD presented a proposal to the High Economic Council chaired by the President Ashraf Ghani to change name to Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI). LEAD’s name change to AWCCI was approved by the High Economic Council of the Afghan government on March 12, 2017.

our Services

Research (academic and policy related)

the objective is to provide data that can be used practically in developing Afghan Government and donor organization policies related to women’s involvement in the Afghan economy.

Sales support

The objective is to make a tangible impact on women-owned businesses by increasing sales of products, through local and international exhibitions, differentiating Afghan women-made products in international markets, and the promotion of women-made products through the AWCCI’s communications channels

Investment support

Mitigate risks and open up opportunities for female investors in the Afghan economy by providing market insights, improving access to finance, and facilitating access to infrastructure.

Advocacy and raising awareness

Businesswomen can participate in an international and national exhibition, conference and training by having AWCCI's membership

Capacity building for both existing and aspiring Afghan businesswomen:

The objective is to provide training to Afghan businesswomen and entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge in various subjects related to business.

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