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A Meeting on review of AWCCI Activities by Members

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Date: April 12th 2018

Venue: AWCCI conference room

A meeting was called to listen from the member on AWCCI’s activities and 2018 plans on April 12th 2018 at AWCCI. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Director of Business Development Services of AWCCI. Ms. Freshta Sarwari, Board of Directors of AWCCI and Ms. Zakya Jafari, Board of Advisor of AWCCI were also presented.  In this session about 22 Women Businesses participated.

Ms. Oryakhail started the session by welcoming all the participants. She said that AWCCI’s executive board, board of Directors and members hold very specific responsibilities. Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail while, talking to all members said, the members receive emails on overall business opportunities, AWCCI’s policy advocacy work, information and awareness, and announcements. AWCCI expect response from the members/businesswomen on the emails sent to them and that’s your participation when you (members) to respond to email, the executive team has to call them and try to reach through different means like social media and phone text which takes a lot of time of the executive team and make us put a lot of efforts to reach you and make sure you receive the information and make use of that. We request you to please read the emails carefully and respond back. AWCCI has launched its Business Expansion and Startups Programs in 2018. The Business Expansion Program is launched to help women with their business get standardized and certified. AWCCI expect its members to make use of it. Or else it would be of no use to the Chamber itself. Following her word, Ms. Oryakhail said that, the ISO certificate program which was a part of Business Expansion Program, only 9 companies participated. She talked about the importance of ISO certificate for a company and called on its members to participate in next session of Business Expansion program.

Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail added that AWCCI has the political will and support in policy making councils, meetings and work group to do the policy advocacy. We would like the women businesses to be grouped in order to identify the manufacturers’ women in same sector or business and to make use of the opportunities. As in National Procurement procedure gave 5 % preference to women businesses if, the owner, 50% employees and beneficiaries are women.

Ms. Oryakhail also talked about AWCCI’s Law Review committee that Ms. Sultana Khaknizhad, the Legal Expert is the responsible for it, she holds sessions on each Thursday and present law, regulations and policies to businesswomen; and get their feedbacks. But AWCCI has noticed that very few or none participates in these session. We would like to hear why it is so. If you have any concerns, kindly let us know so that have you in these sessions.

She also added about opportunities in Public Private Partnership (PPP) and National Procurement Authority (NPA). In PPP government wants to work in partnership with private sector. For example you can use government land on very low lease for years and do investment. This program is designed just to encourage investors in the country to invest and get benefited. Also as mentioned in above NPA, by efforts of AWCCI and support of H.E. First lady gave 5% preference to women businesses. In order to support domestic products and encourage companies to invest, the National Procurement Authority has set policy of 25% preferences for male and female production companies. If a company is new and NPA issue a contract, the company complete to pay for example the following price, can take the contract regardless of their experience.  For example, non-consultancy, goods and services companies have a contract price of 6,000,000 Afghani, consultancy services 3,000,000, construction 10,000,000 Af and may receive a contract if they have paid the same amount.

Ms. Oryakhail also mentioned that AWCCI leadership participated in Councils, meetings and work committees, and share investment opportunities with you. She added more about women Garden’s in all over Afghanistan that government wants to make it women activities center. One of the opportunities is maintenance of government towns like Afshar Selo, Khowja Rawash, Emarat Towns for its maintenance which needs few staff and no other investment.

She also requested all members to have and keep good communication with AWCCI’s staff, as they are working for you and for good communication mutual respect is really necessary. According to AWCCI Bylaw once a member paid for AWCCI membership it’s not returnable. Ms. Oryakhail also talked about AWCCI’s Booklet which is published each quarter and all members can send their Bios and Business profile with picture to be published.

All the members were pleased from AWCCI leadership and promised to have active role with AWCCI. Next Ms. Oryakhail briefed all the participants on activities such as sharing Target and Plan of 2018.

During the session Ms. Oryakhail took questions of members and answer them back. The session summed up by all members and appreciated AWCCI team efforts and hard work.