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A Report on Launch of 2018 Second Batch of Women’s Business Expansion Training Program

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Date: June 3rd, 2018

Venue: AWCCI Conference Room


AWCCI’s Business Development Services Department launched the Second Cohort of 2018 Business Expansion Training Program. In this program 10 women businesses participated. Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Director of Business Development Services of AWCCI introduced the session with welcome remarks. Ms. Oryakhail provided information on Business Expansion and Startup programs of AWCCI.

Ms. Oryakhail added that Business Expansion program purpose is to help women businesses getting Standrized, improve and expand. This program include various theme such as, Financial Management, Quality Management, Marketing and Strategic Management, ISO certificate, Digital Marketing etc.

Based on MoU between AWCCI and Afghanistan National Standard Authority (ANSA), holding program sessions on standards and to enhance knowledge of work force to institutionalize basic standard and quality of commercial and productive tools.  The first day training facilitated by Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Hamgam, Director of Standards Development Department. Presentation and discussion on Norms and Standards covered in two days.

The Financial Management session carried out by Advance Accounting LLC. Based on MoU Advanced Accounting LLC had presentation and discussion on Financial Reporting and conducted a one-on-one financial review of each women business.

Operation and Quality Management second session carried out by Rawan Quality Assurance Analyst PVT.LTD. AWCCI identified an ISO certification company Rawan Quality Assurance Analyst PVT.LTD. International Certification Services (RICGISO) and an NGO Ashna international, which provides Afghan Made Grant that helps businesses cover 80-90% of the certification fee. The session covered ISO Certifications and Afghan Made Grant. The application form for the Afghan Made Grant and ISO Certifications were distributed among businesswomen. The certification process will take 6 months to a year.

A new session in this batch was added which is Audit and Assurance. The session was facilitaed by Roman Sam Consultancy. The session objectives were; to provide awarness among the audience on the potential advantage of audit, how it is conducted and why it is necessary, To connect the needs/problem that the organizations suffer to overcome or fulfill, or the lack of the relevant expertise to tackle; to the remediec and audit team can provide, To learn about the most important and most necessary types of audit, their respective needs and advantages.

Digital Marketing Session facilitated by Ms. Zahra Sarwary, Board Member of AWCCI and the President of Royesh Private School. The session aim was on to have a website, facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter Account for your companies (One on one).

The last session of 2nd Batch of Business Expansion Program was on Strategic Management.  The session covered major topics such as, The AFI Strategy Framework, Vision, Mission and Values, The strategic Management Process, The PESTEL Framework, The five Forces Model, Core Competences, The Resource-Based View (VRIO). The aim of this session was to have the women businesses draft a Strategic Plan for their companies.