You are currently viewing A report on Peace Through Business Students Graduation and Celebration of AWCCI’s First Anniversary

A report on Peace Through Business Students Graduation and Celebration of AWCCI’s First Anniversary

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Date: 12 March 2018

Venue: Presidential Palace, First Lady Office

On 12th March 2018 Peace Through Business (PTB) celebrated graduation of its 12th year of graduates. On this day Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry leadership team also celebrated AWCCI’s first anniversary at H.E. First Lady Office Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In this occasion H.E First Lady Ms. Rula Ghani, Ms. Nadia Salih the Advisor, Behishta Safi the Secretary, Zuhal Amarkhail Chief of staff, Manizha Wafeq President and one of Founder of AWCCI, Parwarish Oryakhail Business Development Services Director, AWCCI’s executive body and PTB graduates participated. First H.E. the First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ms. Rula Ghani welcomed all the participants and greeted them. The program started by the recitation of few verses of Holy Quran. Then each participant introduced themselves. After introductions H.E. Ms. Rula Ghani the First Lady presented her speech. She stated that, “This really makes me happy to see you all together, as I always say that unity is our power, new generation brings new ideas, so youth must work on raising their capacity and work together for the prosperity of their country. All of you have struggled and worked hard, keep on working. Try to preserve your Afghan culture and traditions. She also stated to the graduates for performing nonstop hardwork and keep on learning more about new things and opportunities. It must not be the end of your educational journey. I everyday learn something new. So there’s something new for you to learn everyday”.

From IEEW team a video played where all the graduates congratulated by Dr. Therry Neese. Later on according to the agenda Ms. Manizha Wafeq requested First Lady H.E. Bibi Jan to present the graduation certificates of PTB.

In her words Ms. Manizha Wafeq to the graduates of 2018 in country classes, she thanked Bibi Jan for her continuous support and efforts. She also thanked the staff of First Lady Office and congratulated all PTB graduates.

She added today is also first anniversary of AWCCI and we have prepared a short video from all of our activities we performed during a year. In next section a video was played on establishment of AWCCI, Board of Directors, seats in High Councils, Launch of Zone offices, Media Coverage, Partners, MoUs, Booklet publications, Bazar-e-Roz exhibition, Research and Law Review committee showed up.  Later on 3 alumni of PTB shared their experience of attending the second part of PTB program “Leadership Development” in USA.  They talked about their mentor and their full support and efforts. After that AWCCI leadership team presented a gift to honor H.E First Lady efforts on establishment of AWCCI and her all support. She received the gift with thanks and emphasized to all business entrepreneurs to keep on working. H.E. also added, “Hard work of Ms. Manizha Wafeq and its colleagues resulted in having a chamber for women (AWCCI) today.

The program was ended by having a group photo and refreshment