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A session on business opportunities for women entrepreneurs

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Date: April 23 2018

Venue: AWCCI conference room

Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a session on business opportunities for businesswomen on April 23, 2018 at AWCCI. In this session around 24 women-owned businesses participated. Representatives from the National Procurement Authority (NPA) and Public and Private Partnership (PPP) Directorate, Ministry of Finance presented the essential information on Public Private Partnership and Procurement Policy change in NPA to the women entrepreneurs.

Mr. Kaous Shahi from the NPA talked on bidding for and acquiring contracts and existing opportunities in the procurement procedures for startup businesses. Mr. Shahi said that, Procurement Authority has set policy of 25% preferences for domestic products. If a company is new and NPA issues a contract and startup able to pay the amount stated, can bid and can be awarded contracts regardless of their previous experience. For example, Non Consultancy, Goods and Services 6,000,000 Afghani, Consultancy Services 3,000,000, Construction 10,000,000 Af.

Mr. Shahi added that NPA that National Procurement Procedure contains a 5 % preference clause especially for women businesses where the owners, 50% of the employees and beneficiaries are women. It is worth mentioning that the 5% preference in National Procurement procedure was the efforts of AWCCI and support of H.E. First lady.

Mr. Shahi also talked on the designing of some policies in national procurement procedures which are in their piolet phases after receiving its positive result, will be implemented. For example the Work Agreement Forum which is for consumable items such as stationery, food etc. This system will give up to seven volunteers the chance to participate in bidding and these seven companies will be categories by its share, and the one who has large amount investment will get first grade. Mr. Shahi also talked on the National Procurement Institute, where they train government officials on procurement procedure and if the private sector (women) are interested to participate in the procurement training programs, they can coordinate with AWCCI and participate.

Afterwards, Rohullah Shikeb, representative from Public Private Partnership (PPP) Directorate General of Ministry of Finance delivered a presentation to the participants on PPP. PPP is partnership between an Entity (Government) and a Private Party (Private Sector) for the purpose of infrastructure development and public services provision, funding, and development of them, in a manner that responsibilities, risks, profit and loss are shared by the Entity and the Private Party on an equitable basis, the Private Party performs the functions of the Entity and utilizes its assets/resources for a particular period of time. Mr. Shikeb explained each term with example to the participants. Partnership can took place in various field such as Telecommunications, Health, Infrastructure, culture, Agriculture, Higher Education, Production of Energy, Environment and other aspects that are not forbidden by the law. Mr. Shekib also explained the importance of PPP legal frame, implementation field, kinds of Partnership, Process of Partnership, support of government, and amount of investment in a country. In other countries such as China, India, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa had received good result as government cannot perform so many activities with smaller budget big. Mr. Shekib also explained Partnership Registration Form to the participants. In this Form, there is Details of the Project, Project importance, Partnership Structure, Needs and Profit, Sustainability, Certifications and other supplements with details.

At the end both representative opened the floor for Questions and Answers