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A Session on Opportunities and Business Contracts was held

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Date: May 24, 2018

Venue: AWCCI Conference room

A session took place on Opportunities and Business Contracts for AWCCI’s member on May 24, 2018 chaired by Ms. Manizha Wafeq, President and Co-Founder of AWCCI. In this session 32 businesswomen participated. Ms. Manizha Wafeq started the session with welcome remarks and briefed the participants for holding the session. She said that today we will share different information with our members on opportunities, activities and also members who participated in SMEs training in Indonesia will share their experience. She also said that at the end representatives from Ghazanfar Bank will also introduce the Loan Packages with all of you.

Subsequently, Ms. Wafeq called on all businesswomen to make use of the opportunities provided to them. She briefed the participants on holding Juma Bazars and the MoU which is signed with Kabul Municipality, through these Juma Bazars women can showcase their products for sale.

She also talked about MoU signed between AWCCI and Tashabos Educational Organization. She said that the TEO cover up to 6 schools in each of four provinces such as, Nangarhar, Kabul, Parwan and Bamyan to teach students of class 10, 11, and 12 a subject named Tashabos (Entrepreneurship). Through this MoU, AWCCI will cooperate to support TEO female graduates by connecting them with businesswomen that hold AWCCI’s membership to mentor them. As we want to change the culture of only working for other, but to have own business will not help only ourselves to be employed but few other as well.

Lots of work has been done by the efforts of AWCCI, such as police change of 5 % preference in National Procurement Procedure. She added that women has political support and we have to make use of the opportunity and move on by getting contracts. She briefed the participants on Procurement Institute that provide trainings on procurement, getting contracts, bid, biddings etc and its great opportunity that AWCCI members participate in this institute, get contracts and expand their businesses. Ms. Wafeq provided an example one of AWCCI member Ms. Zakya Roshan who running good business and has great sale but by getting a contract can expand her business. She also said that those who work in handicrafts sector; government officials when presenting a gift to foreign countries can buy from them.

Information was provided such as, Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Roshan Telecommunication Dealership. In PPP government wants to work with private sector, and government wants that women can be grouped and take various projects like the maintenance of government towns such as Afshar Silo, Khawja Rawash and others. Other, groups can be manufacturers and service providers Union of Clothing, Services, Food, Agricultural. By creating a clothing union, you can get a contract from the government for preparing uniforms or can cover health issues or providing Internet services. Through unions/groups aggregate capacity will be identified.

In the next section Ms. Wafeq talked on Roshan Telecommunication Company that wants to work with women. This company give the opportunity for women businesses to have selling booth of SIM card.

Ms. Wafeq also talked on the loan facilities provided by Banks for women entrepreneur. She had words on signed MoU between AWCCI and Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) and added that Ghazanfar Bank also has willing of working with women and has Loan Packages. First Microfinance Bank also wants to work with women and provides special loan packages with less interest.

In the end Ms. Wafeq called on all members of AWCCI to work and make a group in order to show the capacity of women. She also talked about the importance of ISO certificate, which is facilitated by AWCCI Business Development Service Department in Business Expansion Training Program second Batch of which is starting and asked members to participate. As 90% expenses covered by the grants and only small amount will be paid by the company of women. She also emphasized on English Language that women has to learn and not face with problems while traveling outside of the country and exporting their products. She also asked all members to show that women are not economic beneficiaries, but economic actors.

Next section carried by Nisar Ahmad Rumi LLC Deputy Director, Ms. Zakya Roshan President of Maza Tu Company and Ms. Noor Jahan president of Mahmmodzada wood carving company. These three members participated in Indonesia SMEs Training. They showed the sample that they brought with themselves such as, plastic and paper packages and cans in different shape. They briefed all the participants of attending the training program, visiting exhibitions and meetings with entrepreneurs. They asked members to be careful of the quality of products in order to find a place in markets.

The last session presented by Ghaznfar Bank representative. Mr. Jayanta Ray, Chief Executive officer and Mohammad Naweed Hamidi, Head of Business Development carried out the session through a presentation. They introduced Loan Packages of the Bank for business women in three sections: 1. Self help Group that guarantee each other and 2. other one is SMEs loan. The loan interest is 6.5% and women can start with 2000$ 3. Financial Review and Planning will be done by Bank’s Loan Officers. They explained the Ghazanfar Bank outlook for empowering women. At the end, participants asked their questions and they were responded by both representatives.