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A session with Ghazanfar Bank

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Date: May 24, 2018
Venue: AWCCI Meeting Room

The “Banking with Ghazanfar Bank” session facilitated by AWCCI took place on May 24th, 2018. 32 business women AWCCI members participated in this session. Mr. Jayanta Ray, Chief Executive officer and Mohammad Naweed Hamidi, Head of Business Development carried out the session through a presentation.

After introduction, Mr. Mohammad Naweed Hamidi provided information about Ghazanfar Bank Branches in Kabul and provinces. He also explained the mission and vision of this bank and that this bank work according to the law of central bank of Afghanistan. Mr. Hamidi said we wants to work closely with women. He explained the Ghazanfar Bank outlook for empowering women in three sections: 1. Financial Services which include serving with new banking technology, commercial remittances, LC and LG 2. Financial Investment which include “Arzan Loan”, Self-Help Group and other Commercial Loans, 3. Financial Advise.

In his words he explained about Self-Help Group that women can be grouped and make one women as a leader, then by representing all these women, their leader can take loan from the bank by providing Land Deed/title as a Collateral, Bank will be charged less interest in this section; and that interest will be dealt according to women participation in market. He added more about loan system of Ghazanfar Bank that ranges from Afghani 350,000 to Afghani 30, 000,000. More on he added that their team provide free financial advise to women entrepreneur.

Mr. Jayanta Ray explained the advantage of Ghazanfar Bank, he added we will not talk differently tomorrow. What we are explaining now will implement when you visit our bank.

At the end, participants asked their questions and they were responded by both representatives