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A Workshop on Public and Private Partnership Law

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Date: July 2nd, 2018

Venue: AWCCI Conference Room

On July 2nd, 2018, Public and Private Partnership (PPP) Directorate facilitated a workshop for AWCCI members to introduce and get Businesswoman’s suggestions and recommendations on Drafted PPP Law. In this workshop, 25 businesswomen participated. The session was carried out by Mr. Wakman Samim Amin, Senior Legal Specialist of PPP. The workshop started with opening remarks of Ms. Manizha Wafeq, AWCCI President and co-Founder. After introduction, Ms. Wafeq said that this is really great opportunity for businesswomen want to work with government and expand their businesses by getting contracts. She added by reviewing the Law of Public and Private Partnership, women will have the chance to know more and enhance their knowledge in the business world. She emphasized on bringing facilities for the bidding process of national contracts. She also thanked the PPP Directorate for their cooperation with AWCCI in organizing and holding trainings for businesswomen.

In next section, Mr. Wakman Samim Amin, presented his presentation. He congratulated AWCCI members for receiving permanent membership in Advisory Board of PPP. Mr. Wakman Amin added that PPP Drafted Law is moderated and there is the possibility of bringing any changes in the law, we are here to get businesswomen views regarding the law. We can have your suggestions and will bring changes in the related section. He added that for better facility we divided projects in small, medium and large. The approval authority of small project is with the Minister of the Finance, and medium and large projects can be approved by the H.E. President of Afghanistan. He added that PPP Directorate main purpose is to represent the interest of private sector as well as government’s. The PPP drafted law is prepared based on Afghanistan law. He emphasized as well as sections of PPP that should consider three things;The PPP projects should be environmental, economical and create jobs/employment. The presentation started with an introduction of PPP law, definition of PPP, Law and regulations, Purpose and goals, Board and Advisory Committee.

PPP registration form was explained to the participants. The floor was opened for questions and answers. Also he asked all participants to share their views/comments and suggestions on the drafted PPP law, through AWCCI to PPP Directorate.

The session ended with thanking the PPP Directorate for holding the workshop by Ms. Shazia Stanekzai, Public and International Relations Officer of AWCCI.