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Access to funds through movable property mortgages

Date: September 3, 2019

Venue: Kabul Shah, Kandahar

On the September 3, 2019 a one full day workshop was held by the Afghanistan Bank in Feroz Saloon, Kandahar. In this workshop representatives of all existing banks in Kandahar, Businesspersons, social activists and head of Kandahar districts participated.

Based on the invitation of 10 representatives of AWCCI including its Zone Manager, 10 people from members of AWCCI and Zone Manager participated the program. At the beginning, Mr. Mohammad Naieem Akbari, Director of the Afghanistan Bank talked about the objectives of program. He added that the main objective is to provide information on getting loans from the Afghanistan Bank which is different from the previous ones.

Afterwards, representatives of all existing banks such as Mr. Abdul Naser Sahak, Head of the Afghanistan Bank Public relations, Mr. Khalidurahman Amarkhail, National Bank representative, Mr. Asadullah Stanikzai, Representative of Kandahar National Cooperative (KDR IIFC) and Mr. Qurban Ali Hussaini from the Afghanistan Bank delivered their presentations.

At end of the program, the time was given to questions, problems and recommendations of participants to the representatives of banks. On behalf of AWCCI, four members and Ms. Zahra Zahid, Zone Manager asked the officials to facilitate the conditions of loan for businesswomen because women doesn’t have high capacity in Kandahar. Besides, Ms. Shukria Barekzai, a member of AWCCI shared her challenges in the related field with Ghazanfar Bank. In response to Ms. Kakar the representative of Ghazanfar Bank provided more information and promised their cooperation with businesswomen. Furthermore, Ms. Nazia and Nafas gul also asked about
loan and putting Gold as guarantee and they received their response.