You are currently viewing Awareness training about Azizi bank loan package (Refah Loan) by Azizi Bank with Cooperation of AWCCI- West Zone

Awareness training about Azizi bank loan package (Refah Loan) by Azizi Bank with Cooperation of AWCCI- West Zone

Date: 10 April 2019

Venue: Arg Hotel

One-day awareness training on new loan package of Azizi Bank (Refah Loan) was held by Azizi Bank with the Cooperation of AWCCI – West Zone in Herat. In this program, some officials from Azizi Bank, Ms. Wahida Azizi, Gender Specialist of Herat Governor, AWCCI- West Zone board members and many businesswomen participated.

At the beginning of the program, Ms. Wahida Azizi talked about the importance of bank loan for businesswomen and asked Azizi Bank to provide some positive discrimination for women and decrease the amount of loan interest.

Ms. Behnza Muhammadi, a businesswoman asked Azizi Bank to provide more facilities for bank loans and women who have not access to self-financial resources can use this package for their business expansion.

Mr. Samiullah Yusofzai, Azizi Bank representative said that Azizi Bank is one of the forehand banks and one of its goals is to support businesswomen in the country and has plan to provide better loan support for them. He further introduced this products with the name of Refah loan. This loan is allocated to women in two types: Individual and commercial.

Individual loan amount is from 50 thousand to 500 thousand AFN that need acknowledgment of 2 employees of government and private sectors as guarantor. Commercial loan is from 5 hundred thousand to 5 million AFN. For receiving this loan, women need loan request from the company, business plan, business license and bylaw of the company, Identity card and passport, audited three years financial report and tax clearance documents.

Afterwards, businesswomen provided their inputs. Ms. Lina Shafaq and Ms. Sosan Behbodzada AWCCI – West Zone board members talked about the problems with this loan package such as; women cannot complete the required standards and they do not accept the interest hence, they asked for more facilities in the special loan packages for women.

At the end of the program, Mr. Ahmad Shah Sawari, Azizi Bank Director of West Zone promised to provide specific loan package with more facilities for business women.