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Board of Directors meeting

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AWCCI Board of Directors meeting held at Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry meeting hall. The purpose of holding this meeting was to approve “AWCCI 2018 Plan”. Mr. Wafeq presented her report on “AWCCI 2018 Plan” to Board of Directors Members. In this meeting 8 Members of Board participated, each of Ms.  Afsana Rahimi, Laila Samani, Sona Mahmodi, Ferishta Sarwari, Kobra Dastgirzada, Masooma Ibrahimi, Zahra Sarwari and Nahid Hamidi, where all approved the AWCCI 2018 Plan and made essential decision

the Women’s Trade and Industry Chamber of Afghanistan, headed by Ms. Manijeh Waqaf. The purpose of this meeting was to approve the plan of the 2018 Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Board Members. Ms. Waqeq presented her report to board members from the 2018 plan. In the meeting, with 8 members of the board, each of Mrs. Afsaneh Rahimi, Lili Samani, Sana Mahmoudi, Fereshteh Sarvari, Kobra Dargirzadeh, Masoumeh Ebrahimi, Zahra Sarouri and Nahid Hamidi, approved the 2018 plan and made the necessary decisions. For 2018