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AWCCI conducted two live sessions on its COVID-19 strategy

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AWCCI conducted two live panels on its strategy on how to cope with COVID-19 and its negative consequences on Afghan women entrepreneurs. The first discussion took place on Sept. 13, 2020, where Ms. Manizha Wafeq, AWCCI’s President, Ms. Faheema Eissar, AWCCI Board Member, Ms. Habiba Payendanik, AWCCI’s Board member, and Ms. Romina Osmani, AWCCI Board Member in Herat, presented the strategy and discussed the challenges and recommendations of Afghan women to both the government and international organizations.

The second-panel discussion took place on Sept. 27, 2020, where Ms. Afsana Rahimi, Chair of AWCCI, Ms. Manizha Wafeq the President of AWCCI, Ms. Faheema Eissar, board member of AWCCI and Dr. Mirwais Baheej, the Director-General of Revenue Department –MoF, Mr. Ataa Nasib, the Director-General of National Investment Unit at AOP, Mr. Bahram Barzin, the Managing Director of MISFA (Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan) participated. Ms. Rahimi began the discussion by sharing the information about the activities of AWCCI and shared the result of an urgent survey of the situation of women after the start of quarantine in early April 2020 conducted by AWCCI. Continuing the discussion, Ms. Manizha Wafeq and Ms. Faheema Eissar shared the strategy to cope with COVID-19, which was developed a month ago.