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AWCCI delegation visit to ALEAP( Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India)

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Date: 8-10/8/2018

Place: Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India industrial park at Hyderabad

A delegation of Afghanistan women chamber of commerce and industry visited ALEAP (Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India) industrial park at Hyderabad on 8th to 10th August. In this trip 10 Afghan delegation from AWCCI together with Ms. Palwasha Amin Ahmadzia economic consult to first lady, Mr. Sabawoon Ahmadzai UN Women economic member, and David Fox trade consultant to AWCCI participated. The main goal of this visit was visiting ALEAP industrial park and learning from experiences of this Association.

At the beginning of this 3 days visit, ALEAP industrial park was introduced to Afghan delegation by Mrs. K. RamaDevi president of AlEAP industrial park and she talked about valuable experiences of this association. 170 production companies have membership of this park which are all women led companies and at least 60 percent of their employees are women as well.

Then Afghan women visited active fabrics which have this park’s membership, like a woman owned company SIRUS Solar and saw the process of solar making in this company. During other two days of this visit, Afghan women visited companies such as, ADITI SOLAR, NAVODYA PACKING, SURYA SUCHTRA BLOCK PRINTING, ELECTRONICS, FYBER PACK, and ALPAC KIDS and observed their working process. Ms. Suraya Saifi president of Fiber sat networking company, besides her activities in her company is eager to improve the industrial parts which are remained passive in the country. She got new ideas of box making by visiting ELTE box making services fabric and learned how to produce boxes with high quality but low budget.

Mentioning achievements of this visit, Ms. Suraya Saifi learned more about box making and got new ideas for making such company in the country, MS. Mohsena Saqeb visited clothing industry fabrics and wants to bring some new changes in her company, Jama Handicraft production company and meeting of Ms. Binazir Yakta with Indian business women also attracting them to buy Afghanistan dried fruit.

Objectives of this visit are as follow:

  1. To take a delegation of 10 from AWCCI to India for learning from Hyderabad Women entrepreneurs how to establish and run an industrial park specially with green technology. The visit can be of three days.
  2. 2.   In addition to learn the green industrial park and get exposed to new and modern sustainable technology.
  3. To shorten the supply chain for Indian counterparts with some of their supplying material by Afghan women-owned businesses.
  4. As AWCCI to become well-equipped to write a business plan and business model for a Mini-industrial Park in Kabul and major provinces.

Special thanks to UN-Women for their support in this trip  and AWCCI hopes to have their further support in the  future.