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AWCCI Three days Refresher Training and Strategic planning

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Date: 29-31 December, 2019

Venue: AWCCI main office

The three days Refresher training and strategic planning for AWCCI center and zones board of directors and Managers begun on December 29th, and ended on December 31st, 2019 at AWCCI main office. In this program, Ms. Afsana Rahimi, the Chair of AWCCI; Ms. Manizha Wafeq, the President of AWCCI; Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, the Deputy of AWCCI; board of directors and Zone Managers of center and East, West, North, and South zones participated. The main purpose of this workshop was for AWCCI center and Provincial teams to be equipped with basic knowledge, to enhance the know-how of Kabul and provincial board members and managers of AWCCI about membership based organizations, their sustainability and especially of AWCCI so they could work independently but in coordination with Kabul office and review of 2019 activities, preparing plan of 2020 and strategic 5 years planning for 2020-2024. The total number of participants was 26.

During the workshop, board of directors, zone managers, and AWCCI-Center staff reviewed the activities and achievements of last years, plans for future years and especially they prepared 2020 plans. At the first day, for more knowledge of participants Mr. Baryalai Hakimi, from CIPE invited by AWCCI and he delivered a presentation about “Fundraising”. At the end of this informational session, participants shared their inputs and questions with Mr. Hakimi. At the afternoon of the first day, after reviewing the summary of 2019 accomplishments and AWCCI efficiency in this year, AWCCI provincial board of directors and zone managers and AWCCI central board of directors met H.E. the First Lady of the Country and every zone’s Chair provided their recommendations to her for AWCCI better performance.

At the second day, Mr. Masoud Aziz, the Former Deputy of Strategy and Policy at Ministry of Interior Affairs, Chair of Afghanistan Forward and CEO of Afghanistan Community Consultancy, was invited by AWCCI and delivered a presentation on Planning, Advocacy and Strategy to participants and he shared his experiences regarding mentioned topic. The attendees shared their ideas and asked questions about the selected topic. At the end of the session, Ms. Wafeq presented Mr. Azizi the “Afghan Women in Business” magazines, a pinner, and Bibi Khadija Award business card case as gifts. In continuation, the plan of working on 2020 projects were discussed. Besides, five topic were given to participants and they were asked to talk and write about them. The topics were, 2020 research topics, sales support, Investment supports, Advocacy and Awareness raising and Capacity building.  At the end, all the participants shared their comments about the mentioned topics. The second day ended with an afternoon meal by Ms. Afsana Rahimi for AWCCI center and provincial board of directors and managers and Roshan Telecom representatives and the Head of HARAKAT organization board.

In the third day of workshop, AWCCI centeral and provincial board and managers again reviewed the AWCCI plans in 2019 and worked on quarterly planning of 2020 and with each other’s recommendations, the primary plan for 2020 was prepared for all zones of AWCCI. The workshop ended with Ms. Wafeq’s emphasize on expansion of AWCCI activities in zones also in the surrounding provinces.