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AWCCI West zone Board members visited with Herat’s Mayar

Date: August 28, 2018

Place: Herat province


AWCCI West zone Board members had a meeting with Mr. Mohammad Daud Anwari, the Mayor of Herat on August 29, 2018. In this meeting, Mr. Mohammad Daud Anwari the Mayor of Herat, and AWCCI-West zone Board of Directors, Ms. Maryam Jami Al Ahmadi Chair of West zone Board, Ms. Sosan Behbood zada Vice Chair of Advocacy, Ms. Lina Shafaq Vice Chair of Communications, Ms. Romina Usmani Vice Chair of Trade, Ms. Jila Habibi Vice Chair of Operations and Finance and Ms. Nasim Gul Azizi Zone manager of Herat. In this meeting the following points were discussed:

  • Introduction of AWCCI West zone and its Members the Mayor of Herat
  • Plan for establishing a standard market for Women Entrepreneurs products and services
  • Considering different market sectors for clothing, cosmetic and hygienic services, handicrafts, food and agricultural products and restaurants, in a standard way.
  • Considering a proper place for market from business prospective
  • Providing places for holding Bazaars (Bazaar-e-rooz)
  • Considering proper places for holding seasonal exhibitions and establishing space for exhibitions

Expressing his appreciation for AWCCI’s west zone activities, Mr. Anwari said that AWCCI activities are very effective for women capacity building and business development. Afterwards, he said Afghanistan’s President supports women activities and I also have plans for women development since being appointed as Mayor of Herat province. Having a positive view about women’ progress, Mr. Anwari said, “It is the Mayor’s responsibility to pave the way for all peoples’ development particularly women”. Mr. Anwari said that women’s protection is job of this entity and will do it by all means. Mr. Anwari promised to provide some proper places and for the Market of businesses by women and spaces for holding Bazaars as he had a meeting with Property directorate and visited some market spaces which are municipality’s property. Mr. Mayor by the coordination of AWCCI-West zone members will follow up the process of providing proper places for exhibitions and markets for businesses of women Entrepreneurs.