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AWCCI- West zone round table

Date: 2 Sep 2018

Venue: Conference room of Banowan center

Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry West Zone – Herat office participated in a round table that was chaired by directorate of Labor and Social Affairs, Help and OSAA organizations.  The 7th round table which was aimed to introduce AWCCI and its activities to the mentioned organizations.

The purpose of meeting was to get the support of governmental and NGOs to AWCCI, connecting business women with AWCCI in order to set professional business management trainings and getting these businesses standardized.

The program was opened by representative of Help organization. Ms. Munisa Hassain Zadar the deputy governor in Social Affairs speech about supporting the AWCCI activities. Ms. Nasim Gul West zone of AWCCI delivered a presenrtation introducing AWCCI and its activities. Afterwards, Maryam Jami Ul Ahmadi the chair of AWCCI – West Zone talked further about AWCCI. After that, all participants talked and promised the following cooperation:

  • AREDP organization work to establish purchase and sell the products and economic empowerment of rural women with support of World Bank and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. AREDP promises that with assist AWCCI for providing vocational trainings for business women.
  • DACAAR provide vocational and professional trainings to 180 women every year. It has agricultural programs in different districts such as green houses, saffron and livestock. This organization will introduce the women to AWCCI for membership and business professional trainings. DACAAR promised to provide the tailoring machines and kit to AWCCI for training women.
  • WAR CHILD implemented justice project for Childs and women and provide vocational trainings for women and girls and will introduce women to AWCCI after the graduation for sustainability.
  • FAO is worked for strengthening the value chain of agriculture products under its three years projects of wheat, saffron, pistachio, watermelon seed, grapes and livestock and provide the opportunity for exporting the farmer’s products to international markets, promotion of technology equipment for livestock, capacity building, and access to funding opportunities for women. FAO will support 10 women led companies and train them theoretically and practically for making their business plan. They suggested, AWCCI should create women corporations, establishment of a unit under the name of business idea and finding business advantages.
  • FACT promised to distributer business licence for women free of charge who are introduced by AWCCI and also will cooperate with holding of their conferences and exhibitions.
  • OSAA provides vocational and professional centre that about 60% of participants succeed to find job. This organization will assist AWCCI for economic conference and exhibition.
  • Agriculture and livestock Institute will start trainings in three areas which are tailoring, retail sale and mechanics. This institute register 9th grade graduated students and train them for 3 years up to graduation from 12th
  • WFP will provide probationary carpet making training for 100 women with private sectors.
  • Directorates of Labour and Social Affairs will assist in providing vocational trainings program for women, seasonal exhibitions, supporting after vocational training, improvement of carpet making sectors with support of national and international organizations. DoLSA emphasised on better quality, more capital, standardization, more products with good quality packaging and label.
  • Help organization promised their cooperation with holding conferences and exhibition, introducing women for membership, vocational trainings for women and assist AWCCI in its needed areas.