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Balkh Women Bazaar

Date: 4-8 November 2018

Venue: Rabia Balkhi, Balkh

Balkh Women Bazaar held for three days by Women for Women association 10 members group, including Ms. Shekiba Shekib, Chair of AWCCI-Balkh Board of Directors, Ms. Tamana Fariwar, and Zone Manager of AWCCI North Zone-Balk with the cooperation of Balkh Chamber of Commerce and financial support of SEDEP-GIZ. In this Bazaar, 38 booths of Balkh and Samangan businesswomen were installed. The purpose of holding this bazaar was introducing the products of Balkh women businesses industrialists to people which can greatly affect their businesses to expand.

In the opening ceremony of Women Bazaar, Mr. Shojauddin Shojah, Balkh Governor Deputy, Ms. Najia Farid Rahmati, the Representative of GIZ-SEDEP, Mr. Gholam Sakhi, Representative of Balkh Directorate of Industry and Commerce, Ms. Shekiba Shekib, Chair of AWCCI North Zone- Balkh Board of Directors, Mr. Nasir Qasimi, Executive Director of Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other Representatives of government organizations and private sectors of Balkh participated. To facilitate the access of visitors to this three-day Bazaar, three buses were arranged to take people to the market from the Rawza Sharif vicinity free of charge. In this exhibition, different Industries, Agriculture, Food, Manufacturing and Process, Production and Service Associations, and Architecture sector participated.

On request of some participants, the exhibition extended for two more days up to 8 of November, 2018 and people could visit Bazaar for two more days. It’s worth mentioning that it was a good opportunity for businesswomen to sell their products and reach more customers. At the end of this Bazaar, businesswomen requested to have such Bazaars for Balkh businesswomen and other Northern provinces regularly.

AWCCI-Balkh decided to hold Balkh Women Bazaar annually with the support of SEDEP-GIZ.