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Bazaare rooz Exhibition at Kabul University

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Date: September 2, 2018
Place: Kabul University

AWCCI held Bazaar rooz Exhibition at Kabul University on September 2, 2018. This exhibition is for three full day, and will continue till 4th of September.
The main goal of holding this exhibition is to market, promote and sell women made products.
30 women businesses participated in this Exhibition from different sectors such as cloth, food production, jewelry, dried fruit and electronic tools. Kabul University students, Lecturers and other interested people out of University have visited the Exhibition and mostly have bought some products. Ms. Tahira Ebrahimi is one of the business women who has participated and has business in cloth production. About AWCCI’s Exhibitions she says that these bazaars helped us to know which product has market and where is the market for that product which can be very useful information for our success in the future.
This exhibition included not only products but also services. Ms. Gul Chehra Nazari is another participant of this exhibition. She says, “We have tailoring center where we teach sewing, and make jewelry based on customers demand. We have 330 personnel now who are mostly poor women who have all responsibility of their lives alone. Their goal is not only company’s profit but also the main goal is to support women financially”, about the AWCCI exhibitions she says “these bazaars can introduce and develop women business.”
Kabul University students and other customers showed their satisfaction to this exhibition and they see it as a positive action for women business development and hope to have such bazaars in the future as well.