Bibi Shirin

Where there is a wish, there is a way

Date: 27/6/2017

Bibi Shirin Akbari was born in 1973 in Kabul Afghanistan she studied up to 8 Class in Saar Asia High School. She got married and she has 9 children also she interested to work as a business woman in her country.

When she became Immigrant in Pakistan, she decided to work and she start work in Carpet weaving, than she wanted to work in Handicrafts her favorite sector.

At first, he began work as a student, after spending time in the handicraft department her teacher decided that she should to participate in the exhibition in India and her teacher believed that she could do it.

Because she had lots of skills in this field than she went to India so she believes in his worth and skill that can start an individual business in Kabul Afghanistan after exhibition when she come to Kabul she start her favorite business in handicraft sector in Kabul, the first thing that she did was to borrow money from a bank that named Woman in the service of a Woman,   10,000 Afghani in her name and 10,000 Afghani in the name of her daughter.

This totals 20,000 Afghani I mean she started trading with this amount now her business has come in the direction she wants to achieve.

Future plan of Bibi is to make it work better and to make further progress, and she want that selling her products inside and outside of Afghanistan.

Bibi Shirin directly covers 50 people in her business and indirectly, 50 families benefit from their family members working for Bibi Shirin, Also she had many Students Now they become Self-sufficient and also now she mentor them in their work.

The only problem of Bibi Shirin was that it could not find the right place for its work, but she managed to solve that problem.

Now her work has been well-versed, message of Bibi Shirin for other ladies is to stand up on their feet, and believe into their self so they should try a lot in their life and make a lawful decision.

‌‌Bibi Shirin’s desire from the government and international organizations is to encourage business women more.

Hope ‌Bibi Shirin’s more success in her business.