Benazir Yakta

Binazir Yakta Trading Company

Ms. Binazir Yakta was in Daikundi province of Afghanistan. She is graduated International Relations. She belongs to a friendly family; her interest is in business, politics and sports.

Ms. Binazir Yakta was in 10th grade at school when she started working for women and she began a research about situation of women in Afghanistan. She concluded from this research that, women are deprived in society because they are not only deprived of their right to study, but also because they need men, and they are dependent in all aspects of their lives. They are also in a bad economic situation, example they don’t have income. All this made Ms. Benazir begin her work for women and so she decided to establish an association for women to work with them and train them in Handicrafts Sector.

By creating this association, she feels content for the work done for women and that they could at least benefit from their wages and believed that they could stand on their feet. She hoped that, all the women should work for themselves and after working they should not be dependent.

Now Ms. Binazir is excited because she knows that her work is improving Afghan women’s condition in Afghanistan and her business is progressing.

Her plan in the future is that she wants to expand her business in international level and also work with the women who are in other provinces of Afghanistan. She also wants to show the skills of the Afghan women to the world. She wants to show that, afghan women also can produce high quality products.

She directly covers 10 people and indirectly 200 women in provinces she also trained many girls in different sectors and now they are independent in their work, the only problem of Ms. Benazir is this that they don’t have proper and consistent Market for their products.

Ms. Benazir’s message for other women is that, women should work together, collaborate and help each other to improve their products’ quality and standards. She wants the government and international community to support domestic products of Afghans and provide incentives to Afghan women-owned businesses. She want people to buy locally made products so Afghanistan’s economy could get better.