Fakhria Ibrahimi

Ms. Fakhria Ibrahimi Mumtaz is the President of Mumtaz Host. She established Mumtaz Host in 2010. Ms. Ibrahimi is graduated from Economics faculty. She has travelled to U.S.A, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and Dubai by her business identity and some of her biggest achievements are having more than 400 clients, getting the awards of “National Trade Association” and “the woman of Year” in USA, getting the Bibi Khadija award in 2015 and she was awarded in the Successful Women Ceremony in 2017. Currently 15 people are working with her in Mumtaz Host.

Masooma Ibrahimi

Ms. Masooma Ibrahimi is the President of Arasto media services. She graduated from Economy Faculty of Kabul University in 2013 and gained her Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ms. Ibrahimi has more than 5 years’ experience in Project Management and Economics field lecturer, besides her major, she has been working in media sector especially writing and filming as well. The Arasto media services are as following: - Producing short and long fiction films and documentaries - Producing and designing printing, audio and video advertisement - Holding training for film production, writing, photography, direction and videography

Zahra Sarwari

Zahra Sarwary is master of International Relation and Methodology and Student-centered Trainer. She has teaching experience for more than 10 years in different Internal and International Organs such as French Embassy Alam office, American University of Afghanistan, Martyr Professor Rabani University, Malalai and Esteqlal Schools.Since one year she established Royesh School with the aim of institutionalizes efficient and scientific education and Pediatric education system. Currently at the school 170 students are studying and 13people are working such as, Finance Manager, Teacher, Head teacher, Guard and worker and nine of them are women. Besides following the Ministry of Education system the school provides leaning international languages, professional computer and accounting skills, calligraphy, painting services.

Nahid Hamidi

Ms. Nahid Hamidi is the President of Shegirf company. This company produces Jewelry such as, earing, necklace, bracelet, ring and flower pot. This company has 12 permanent employees which 4 of them are women. They are using gems from Badakhshan, Panjshir and Maian Wardak to make jewelries. Currently, Shegirf products has a good place in Kabul, U.S.A., Kuwait, Thailand, Dubai, India and Canada market and this company gets orders from mentioned countries.

Fahima Essar

Ms. Fahima Essar is the President of Drinking Water production Company of “NoshAfarin”. She got her bachelor in Business Administration from USA and she has alos completed her masters degree in Economics and Policy form Massachusetts University. She established Nosh Afarin Company in 2016. Currently, Ms. Essar is working in Independent Elections Commission. She has 8 people working in her Company.

Meena Rahmani

Ms. Mina Rahmani is the Founder of CEO of “the Strikers Bowling Entertainment Center” in Shahre Naw. She completed her master’s degree in “Sustainable Development” in Canada and Business Administration in Presten University of Pakistan. This center was established by Ms. Rahmani in 2011 and 15 people are working in this center. Beside her business management, she is the Deputy of Kardan University.

Rangina Hamidi

Ms. Rangina Hamidi is the President of Kandahari Khazani and she established this company in 2008 with 500 employees. She is the first woman who has worked in insecure provinces such as Kandahar and provided job opportunities for women. She completed her bachelor in Fine Arts field from Virginia in 2002. Ms.Hamidi reduced the number of her employees from 500 to 100 due the lack of market for her company products.

Khwaga Kakar

Khwaga Kakar is a development practitioner with more than 12 years of experience in policy research with a focus on accountability and human development in Afghanistan. She is current Apama Consultancy services which a private local firm engaged in research, project management. Ms. Kakar has worked in advisory and management positions with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the international donor community in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kabul University and donors such as UN, ADB. Khwaga has assisted in the development of key strategic policy documents such as, the first anti-corruption strategy, aid management policy, trans boundary water policy, water governance, and development cooperation report. Ms. Kakar has co-authored several papers on topics related to human development and governance and water governance. Ms. Kakar holds a Master of Public Administration from Indiana University, Bloomington and Bachelor of Science from University of California, San Diego.