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Business Consultant for Women Mini-Industrial Park

Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) is an umbrella organization for women-owned businesses in Afghanistan and intends to support to growth and expansion of their businesses. One of the plans is establishing a mini-industrial park for women so they have a proper production house and are clustered. In order to better develop the business model for the mini-industrial park a delegation of women business owners leadership of AWCCI accompanied by a business consultant is planned to visit Hyderabad’s Women Industrial Park.

For this, AWCCI’s looking for a Business Consultant to undertake the following tasks: Based on the below scope and deliverables the interested and qualified candidates can send a letter of Expression of Interest with a daily fee offer to AWCCI.

  1. Travel with AWCCI delegation to India to study women’s industrial Park and its business model
  2. To review business models of successful industrial parks
  3. To develop a business plan for AWCCI’s women industrial park.


  1. Report of the study visit to India.
  2. Business plan for mini-industrial park

The incumbent should have the following qualification:

  1. Holding Master Degree in Economics or Business
  2. Having proven experience in writing business plan/strategic plans with financial analysis
  3. Strong Dari and English language skills
  4. Computer skills

The duration of the assignment is 20 working days and the daily fee can be negotiated after the consultant’s offer. The expression of interest is due on June 10th, 2018. The assignment is expected to start on June 18th and the deliverables are expected by Mid-July 2018. Please send your EOI to before the deadline.