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Collaboration meeting was conducted between LEAD and Balkh provincial department’s chairs

Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD) would like to establish institutional mechanisms with governmental, none governmental, international and national organizations that can impact women’s economic empowerment and role in Afghanistan  and to make sure women are represented and their real concerns are taken into consideration in their policies, programs and budgets.

The meeting of establishing institutional collaboration on women owned businesses concerns taken into considerations took place on 25 Apr 2016, by LEAD’s advocacy manager and provincial committee at Economy department Mr. Samadi chairperson, chamber of commerce department Mr. Qasemi chairperson, and commerce and industry department Mr. Shir Ahmad chairperson, in Balkh province.

The intent of the collaboration was to introduce goals and its activities, providing opportunities for women entrepreneurs, introduction of LEAD’s provincial committee and creates departments ‘collaboration with the committee.  During of this meeting, Rasool Ehsany briefly introduced LEAD and its activities and LEAD’s provincial committees to the aforementioned departments’ chairs that the results of the discussions outlined as following:

The above-mentioned department chairpersons of the commerce and industry department of Mazar-e-Sharif Mr. Ahmad Sepahi Zada welcomed LEAD’s mission to Mazar-e Sharif and announced his partnership with LEAD and promised LEAD’s provincial members will be always part of their programs.

Mr. Samadi, said that LEAD’s representative from the provincial committee can participate in provincial development committee (PDC) meetings within an outline draft and via this meeting; they can introduce LEAD to the donors agencies and grab their attentions for funding the provincial committees until LEAD becomes self-sufficient.

Mr. Qasemi the chamber of commerce chairperson also declared his collaboration to the LEAD and its provincial committee members in the Balkh province.