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Developing a Strategy to Cope with COVID-19 and Advocating to Afghan Government and International Community

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Date Posted: 20-6-2020 Work Type: Full-Time
Closing Date: 24-6-2020 Gender: Any
Number of Vacancies: 1 Nationality: Afghan
Functional Area: Any Years of Experience: 10 years
Salary Range: $ 1500 Compensation Extension Possibility: No
Contract Duration: One Month Required Languages: English & pashto, Dari
Contract Type: Short-term


COVID-19 pandemic arrived right at the end of the winter season during which women MSMEs had already spent their savings and had produced/prepared for spring season. The pandemic and lock-down; its related uncertainties made things unforeseeable and unmanageable for all businesses, majorly for women MSMEs in Afghanistan. Majority of women MSMEs  had to shut down business operations but they yet to pay their taxes, rents and in some cases salaries of a few staff members. Unfortunately, there are no stimulus packages and strategy to adopt agility and continue their economic activities.  

AWCCI with the financial and technical support of CIPE is planning to develop a strategy a well-defined roadmap to help and support women businesses, particularly MSMEs revive, recover and sustain their business operations getting the right support from AWCCI, government and international community in Afghanistan. 

In order to develop the strategy AWCCI is hiring a consultant, the consultant will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of the situation created by COVID-19 for women MSMEs 

The consultant can use current surveys and conduct further meetings and interviews with women business owners to do an in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19. While developing the strategy and reviewing the current reports of COVID-19 impact on MSMEs especially women-owned the consultant will identify what information gap exist in order to develop the strategy. How many more meetings and what kind of data to be collected are to be determined by the consultant.

  • Developing the Strategy 

The consultant will develop a strategy on how to cope with the situation created by COVID-19. The consultant will ensure to make use and compare analysis of other organizations and other countries on the subject matter. Once the strategy’s drat is developed the consultant will facilitate a number of meeting and will focus on filling the information gap and collecting recommendations for the strategy. The strategy will be based on both the practical recommendations come from the women MSMEs and a number of international practices during the pandemic that can be successfully adopted in Afghanistan. 

The strategy will be disseminated to all stakeholders, particularly, women MSMEs. 

Strategy Outline

  • Background that provides a summarized analysis of the impact COVID19 have had on women MSMES in Afghanistan 
  • Other least developed countries measures that provides best example of other least developed countries have responded to the COVID19 situation to support their MSMEs especially of women 
  • Action plan  of Afghanistan this section may start with a goal and objectives for AWCCI to achieve after the implementation of this strategy and may continue to a course of activities that should be undertaken by AWCCI, government and international community and afghan private sector. This section should be developed based on the recommendations from women business owners, various entities reports and best examples of the other countries that Afghanistan can successfully adopt. 
  • Media Action Plan this section may include how AWCCI should take on spreading the strategy action items out to the stakeholders mentioned above via social media, mass media and one on one meetings and if possible conducting an in person or virtual launching conference

Both action plan sections should include narrative section and a timetable 

Qualification required 

  • Having Bachelor Degree in any social sciences with over 10 years of managerial experience that required the person to develop strategies and action plans or Master Degree in any social sciences with more than 8 years of experience.
  • Being proficient in languages Dari, English and Pashto 
  • Being technology savvy 
  • Having great understanding of the Afghan private sector, political situation and economic situation 

Duration: June 25 – July 25, 2020 

Compensation: $1,500

Please submit your CV expressing your interest via email to and before the deadline June 24th, 2020