You are currently viewing Efforts of AWCCI to involve not only businesswomen but the entire private sector in peace processes and dialogues – Meetings with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Mr. Hamid Karzai

Efforts of AWCCI to involve not only businesswomen but the entire private sector in peace processes and dialogues – Meetings with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Mr. Hamid Karzai

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AWCCI’s Board of Directors, Top Management and a number of senior members on Feb. 2, 2021, participated in the consultative meetings with H.E. President Hamid Karzai, the former President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chair of the High Council of National Reconciliation on Feb. 15, 2021, convened at the request AWCCI.

AWCCI holds these meetings from the perspective of the importance and preservation of the status of businesswomen, as well as the fact that women play an active role in Afghanistan’s economy.

At the beginning of both meetings, Ms. Afsana Rahimi, the Chair of AWCCI, thanked for the efforts for peace and said that the role of the private sector in ensuring a sustainable peace is very important and for this purpose, it is necessary to coordinate and consult with the private sector so it can play its role in the peace process. She clearly stated that our expectation is to have a representative from private sector in national peace process. She added that our concern is that if the economic system changes or the conditions for women’s to work outside gets narrow, we will face a serious problem. In the economic arena, businesswomen have invested, and are concerned about the peace process and its consequences. Women who are economically active, have an active and effective share in the family’s economy, and the family is the foundation of peace in a country, and women’s role must be considered in the peace process. The concerns of businesswomen about the peace process are a common pain that needs to be addressed. In general, the voice of the private sector in the peace process is not as strong as it should be, and attention should be paid in this regard. Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, the Deputy CEO of AWCCI, provided information about the background and strategic activities of the Chamber.

Ms. Sayeda Faqirzada, the Director of Women’s Business Resources Center at AWCCI, presented the peace strategy of AWCCI and pointing out that our commitment is to Afghanistan’s constitution, the current economic system of Afghanistan, and gender equality. The security of businesswomen is one of the most important issues in the economic field. Women’s freedom in economic and business activities and women’s business property is one of the most important foundations in today’s economy, and we want the role of businesswomen in the peace process and beyond not to be overlooked.

At the end of both meetings, Mr. Hamid Karzai and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, expressed their gratification, especially in the country’s economic spheres and the changes that are brought in Afghanistan which is one of the characteristics of women’s business activity in society. They added that the movement and courage of businesswomen in creating AWCCI, as well as encouraging women to start their own businesses, is admirable.

Regarding the peace process and the preservation of the status of businesswomen, they made the following points:

Including women is the rights of the Afghan people in processes. We assure you that we will work on this. There is no country that is successful without the mobilization of all sectors. In the field of the peace process, whenever we reach the stage where the views of all groups are taken, action will be taken to include the views and concerns of businesswomen. Recently, the decisions made are:

  • Each commission should have a representative from the private sector.
  • Commissions whose field of activity is close to the private sector of businesswomen should represent the private sector on the board.
  • The representative of the private sector in the Civil Society Commission is a member of the board.