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Establishing a Women Bazaar in Balkh

Women for Women Committee is one of the AWCCI North Zone-Balkh initiatives which was established with the cooperation of SEDEP-GIZ. This committee had a meeting in October 09, 2018 on organizing Women Bazaar for three days in Balkh province. All the members of the committee participated in this meeting. In conclusion of discussions among members of the committee, this committee will conduct a three days Women Bazaar in November, 2018. Woman Bazaar will be supported financially by donors and AWCCI North Zone-Balkh will prepare concept note and budget of this bazaar. Women for Women Committee is planning to have more than 40 booths for women and men products in this Bazaar which will be a good opportunity for marketing, attracting buyers, business networking and improvement of their products and trade. Rabia Balkhi Bazaar has been chosen as Women Bazaar venue, for attracting people and organizations’ attention to this bazaar. For holding this bazaar, Committee members met Ms. Shahla Hadid, Director of Balkh Women Affairs and Mr. Mohammad Ishaq Rahgozar, Governor of Balkh province. They appreciated the initiative of this committee and promised their cooperation with them.