Event Management training for Balkh women entrepreneurs

Date: September 24-25, 2018

Venue: AWCCI-North Zone, Balkh

AWCCI-North Zone, Balkh regional office, of cooperation of SEDEP- GIZ and Balkh Women’s Association, organized a training program on “How to hold formal events” for 10 businesswomen in Balkh province. In this program, Balkh Businesswomen were trained in a two-day training program on organizing official events, exhibitions and celebrating of national and international days. At the end of the training, women under the leadership of the AWCCI-North Zone, Balkh and Balkh Women’s Union established “Women for Women” committee. The organizational structure of this committee is as bellow: 1. Ms. Diana Hashimzada, Head of the Committee

  1. Ms. Shekiba Shakib, Ms. Shokria Faiz, and Ms. Sima Hashimi, Communication Officers
  2. Ms. Amena Rahemy, Ms. Tamana Fariwar, and Ms. Diana Hashimi, Marketing Officers
  3. Ms. Sima Hashimi and Ms. Mari Shafaq, Logistic Officers
  4. Mr. Mahbob Zamani, Ms. Kawkaba Salehi, and Ms. Tamana Fariwar, Operational Officers.

At the beginning of its activities, this committee aims to establish a permanent market for Balkh businesswomen to enhance and increase sales their products.
It is worth mentioning that AWCCI-Balkh would like to thank SEDEP- GIZ for sponsoring the cost and conduct this training.