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Executive Director

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Job Summary:

The Executive Director will work under the direct leadership and supervision of Chairperson. He/She reports to the Chairperson on weekly, monthly and yearly basis and have permanent and effective communication with all departments of AWCCI, AWCCI Headqarter, Zone offices in differnet countires, members, government and non government organizations, media and others. The Executive Director ensures that information, data and reports from departmnts and other sources are captured, documented, analyzed and reported in a results-based and timely manner. He/ she is the responsible person of the day to day operation of AWCCI after the Secretary General.

Skills Description:

1.   Outgoing personality.

2.   High creativity in strategy development and problem solving.

3.   Proposal, plan and policy writing skills

4.   High integrity with a reputation above reproach.

5.   Strong ability to motivate and coach both staff and volunteers.

6.   Excellent organizational and communication skills.

7.   Fluent in both national languages Dari and Pashto

8.   Fluent Speaking and Writing in English

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.     Initiate and draft strategies, policies and procedures, short term, medium and long term for the advancement and long-term sustainability of the organization and effectively control the implementation of the strategies, policies and plans.

2.     Oversee efficient day-to-day operations of the organization and Make sure the management system is based on the world best practice and standards.

3.     Initiate and draft proposals and concept notes for the future activities of the organization and struggle to find financial and technical support for the projects.

4.     Regularly speak to the media and share the activities and plans of the organization with public.

5.     Draft and prepare the strategic and operation plan of the organization, supervise and support the implementation process.

6.     Prepare speeches and presentations for the board members.

7.     Regularly review and update the internal policies and manuals (Admin, Finance, HR, Logistic and other Manuals) of AWCCI and present it to the President and Board.

8.     Attend the government and non-government organization meetings in cooperation with the secretary general and improve the relationship of AWCCI with government offices, embassies, international organizations and etc.

9.     Collect, analyze and evaluate the reports submitted by the department directors.

10.   Compile monthly overall activity report including the financial situation for Secretary General.

11.   Prepare frequent meetings to discuss strategy concerning organization development with the Secretary General and other staff.

12.   In case of absence of the President, act as the acting for the President, e.g. representation in board meetings; conduct management meetings, vis-à-vis media, government officials, embassies, and international and other organizations.

13.   Supervise and follow up the implementation of the General Assembly, Board of Directors, Executive Board and Management meetings decisions.

14.   Regularly review and approve the content of the social media and website.

15.   Review the policy commission works and make sure more commissions are established and regularly meet according to the schedule.

16.   Draft and prepare the AWCCI policy papers utilizing the inputs of the members of AWCCI, other similar policies and leadership.

17.   Keep and improve good relations with government and foreign and international agencies

18.   Collaborate with universities to utilize their capacities for business studies and researches.

19.   Mange the staff to operate and maintain update database.

20.   Prepare and package research outcomes for effective information dissemination among relevant target groups and stakeholders.

21.   Represent AWCCI in the meetings of the government, foreign embassies, national and international organizations with regards to the organization activities.

22.   Draft and prepare the AWCCI research documents publishing and sharing with stakeholders.

23.   Perform other duties as may be determined from time to time by the Secretary General, to ensure smooth professional, transparent, and accountable functioning of the organization.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


1.   At least undergraduate degree in Economics, Business, law and other related fields. Master degree is a plus.

2.   At least 4 years of experience in related fields.

3.   Management experience in a private enterprise or organization is a definite plus.

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