Farahnaz Bekeran

Resilience can help remove thousands of barriers in life

Date: 30/07/2017

Farahnaz  Bekeran  was born in 1977 in Dia Kondi Kabul Afghanistan and also she graduated from high school in 1995, she has also studied in the field of pharmacy , She is single and also she has three sisters and four brothers , Ms. Farahnaz  wanted to have  some special art and skills in her life , so she began when she was student of seven class at school in this time she worked part time in beauty salon for training with the woman who was their neighbor, Her father was opposite of this work but her mom was agree and also she was the only person who supported her daughter.

After 9 class she wanted to learn this art in principle and this training needs some money that she doesn’t have, then she receive this money from her aunts, and also she was in 11 class that her father informed about her training then her father decided that she can’t go school after this, and also she could not go to school for a month.

Until her master, after many secrets, satisfied her father to bring her back to school, In 1998, she received a diploma in hairdressing one year she worked with her teacher after one year her teacher says that now u can work with me as a partnership, she accept this offer one year she worked with her teacher as partnership and then she started her independent work in 1999 in Iran there was a problem that she was migrant in Iran because of this she faced many difficulties for starting her business.

But she did not stop there, finally she start her business in Iran and after working in Iran she went to Herat then she start her business there, but in Herat her business was partnership with her families in 5 years.

Her plan in the future is that she wants to work hard for more improving her business.

She also wants to create other branches in Kabul.