Herat Industrial Exhibition

Date: 18.12.2020

Herat Industrial exhibition opened on December 18th, 2020, by Nisar Ahmad Faizi Ghoriani, Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Seyed Abdul Wahid Qatali, Governor of Herat Province Afghanistan and Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, heads of government and non-government departments, businessmen and industrialists opened. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with the Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Mr. Nisar Ahmad Faizi Ghoriani, Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, said that Herat is in a good position of industry and investment and is the economic hub of Afghanistan and thanked the industrialists who work for the self-sufficiency of domestic industries. She also announced her support for the development of women’s businesses and promised to establish permanent product exhibitions in five zones of the country during her tenure.

Herat Governor Sayed Abdul Wahid Qatali said that in the past few years, the Afghan government has focused on the growth of industry, especially in the field of women’s trade, and the government is trying to find good domestic and international markets for women and export their products.

Khan Jan Alkozai, deputy director of the Federation of Chambers and a member of the board of directors of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, also said that we will never achieve self-sufficiency until we eradicate corruption in the country and called on the government to reduce corruption in customs.

Ms. Saida Faqirzada, Head of Business Resource Center of Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries, stated that women make up 50% of the country’s population, but most of the industries are made up of men, and the government and some donors and institutions do not believe in women carrying out industrial activities. , Called on the government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to cooperate in the field of industrialization as well as the export of women’s products so that women’s trade can grow and develop.

In this exhibition, 75 booths, which are related to women’s products and industries, have been exhibited for three days in Aseman Hall.