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Identifying Legal Barriers Hampering Women Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan

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Date: September 15-30, 2018

Venue: AWCCI, Center and East, North, South regional offices

After training the AWCCI Research unit by APAMA Consultancy Services for two day, APAMA Consultancy Services conducted a research under the title of “Identifying Legal Barriers Hampering Women Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan” with the financial support of World Bank and cooperation of AWCCI and KAKAR Advocates, in September15-30, 2018. This research includes, Focus Group Discussion with Businesswomen, Focus Group Discussion with government and non-government organizations Female employees, and Individual interview with government and nongovernment Organizations. The main goal of this research was identifying legal barriers hampering women economic empowerment in Afghanistan.

This research was conducted in Center and three Zones of North, East, and South. AWCCI Research unit coordinated with four Zone Managers of AWCCI to conduct and monitor this Research with coordination of APAMA Consulting Services in each zone. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were facilitated by APAMA Research team in each zone, and were organized and monitored by Zone Mangers of each zone.

In FGD sessions with businesswomen, 10 businesswomen participated in Kabul and 3 zones of North, East, and South (Balkh, Nangarhar, and Kandahar) from different sectors such as, Education, Agriculture, Clothing, Dry Fruit and Jewelry which helped the research team to identify challenges in each sector. Women discussed their business challenges with APAMA Consultancy Services and came up with the ways to overcome the challenges.

AWCCI will hold FGD sessions in West Zone-Herat regional office next and will organize Individual Interviews with governmental and non-governmental Organizations in Center and Four other zones afterwards.