Kobra Dastgirzada

Sometimes a chance brings a big change to life

Kobra Dastgirzada daughter of Ghulam Dastgir was born in 1970 in Chindawol Afghanistan and she graduated from Inqelab High school in 1987 also she studied social sciences at Kabul University in 1991 and after graduation she married now she has four children two boys and two girls, Ms. Kubra is happy with his life and his family, she Interest in business and sports a lot.

And also she continues to work with women working in the Physical Education Department.

She started her work with her husband’s cooperation, but the only problem was that her husband wanted to work at home, Then Ms. Cobra start working from home, her first job was to create an educational course, Where English language, religious themes and Holy Quran were taught, up to 2003, she continued the course, and then she create a sports club alongside the course, then she put a new name to her course and club ( Mojtame Farhangi wa warzishi ) .

And she continued until 2012, and then she traveled to the United States after finishing her PTB studies, when she comes back to Afghanistan she decided to create a company in 2012, because she got many experiences and the produce of this company was Prepared soup.

And also her work is going better day by day also she works hard for more success, when she started, she did not think that she would make much progress and go ahead.

Ms. Kobra’s plan is to start work on the children’s food processing in the next five years

And can produce a quality food and at the moment, 20 people have been directly covered, And she has covered 50 people indirectly in the field of making baskets.

She trained many students for example we rename one of them Saweeta Rasoli, and now she has a big company and its produce is clothes, at the beginning of her business, she faced many problems, but she was able to solve her problems with great resistance and resistance.

Mrs. Cobra’s message to business women like her is to stand in front of problems and always have a job behind it, and then they can do everything in their life that they want And never accept defeat.

Ms. Kobra’s expectation from the government is to support domestic production and increase taxes on goods from other countries in order to increase the use of domestic products, which will encourage domestic business and economic growth, hoping for more of Ms. Cobra’s success in her life.