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Launch of Juma Bazaar of Women’s Handicrafts – AWCCI

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Date: 11 July 2018

Venue: Women’s Park Macroryan I and Ferdousi Park Macroryan III

AWCCI launched Juma Bazar of handicrafts for the very first time in the country in women’s park Macroryan I and Ferdousi Park Macroryan III on July 11th, 2018. It lasted for three days. In the launch ceremony, Mr. Abdullah Habibzai, Kabul Mayor, Ms. Manizha Wafeq, President of AWCCI, Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Director of Business Development Services AWCCI, Mr. Shafi Sharifi, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Affairs of Roshan Telecom, Ms. Sahar Hamdard, Director of Policy and Planning Kabul Municipality, Eng. Merwais, Director of Macroreyan Repairing and Maintenance Enterprise, staff from AWCCI and Kabul Municipality and businesswomen participated.

In his speech, Mr. Abdullah Habibzai expressed his gratitude from the launch of Juma Bazar. He said it was great collaborations between AWCCI and Kabul Municipality with financial support of Roshan Telecommunication. Our motive is to empower women economically. Therefore, we have started several programs for women, which include employment, marketing and providing more work opportunities and establishing more women parks in different areas of Kabul.

Ms. Manizha Wafeq also thanked Kabul Municipality and Roshan Telecommunication for their cooperation in her speech. She added that considering women’s access to market and lack of market for them as a challenge, we started holding first the “Bazaar-e-Roz” and secondly “Juma Bazaar”; and our long term plan is to establish a permanent “Watani Bazar” for women. Juma Bazar is not only for Kabul businesswomen, the plan is to provide opportunity to all women by giving them turns in each Friday and also to do provincial specific Bazaars such as one Friday for Parwan, one Friday for Jalalabad and so on.


The main objectives of organizing Juma Bazaar are:

  1. To promote buying from women owned business
  2. To encourage women develop their communication skills in order to attract sales
  3. To enable them have regular sales and interaction with their buyers and listen to their feedback in order to improve both quality and price.

Businesswomen in these three days had good sales. Ms. Najma Ghaibi, a businesswoman and a member of AWCCI, expressed her delight for launching Juma Bazaar and thanked AWCCI for its efforts and work on behalf of all other businesswomen.