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Launch of the first Women’s Mini Industrial park

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Date: September 18, 2018

Place: First Lady Office, Arg

First Women’s Mini Industrial Park was symbolically launched in First Lady Office on September 18, 2018. In this opening ceremony H.E Ms. Rula Ghani, theFirst Lady of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ms. Noorjahan Mawani, Ambassador of Agha Khan Development Network,Ms. Aleta Miller, Representative of UN Women, Afghanistan, Ms. Manizha Wafeq, President of AWCCI, Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, AWCCI-Business Development Services Director, AWCCI members and Board participated. The main purpose of this program was to launch Women Mini Industrial Park in Kabul for the first time.

At the beginning, H.E. First Lady had a welcome speech and appreciated AWCCI for its initiative. Ms. Wafeq thanked the First Lady for giving her time for hosting AWCCI to launch Afghan Women’s first Industrial park and added that it is not the first time that the First Lady supports AWCCI, but she has always supported AWCCI. The aim of the program was to debrief the Study tour of AWCCI to ALEAP Industrial Park in Hyderabad, India and the launch of first Women’s Mini Industrial park in Afghanistan.

Ms. Wafeq talked about AWCCI visit to ALEAP Industrial Park and its achievements for Afghan women. She said, “Visiting an industrial park in India helped Afghan business women to learn how to manage their productions and sell their products”.

Establishing of this Women’s Mini Industrial Park in Kabul will create around 300 jobs for Afghans that will affect Afghanistan’s economy greatly. Ms. Wafeq talked about the challenges and proper solutions for establishing this park including issues of land, transportation, security, and power. Five Business women have been selected to take part in this Industrial park which have businesses in different sectors such as, Box making, Process of saffron, Dry fruit, Jewelry, Clothing, Handicraft, and process of Gemstones. Afterwards, Ms. Oryakhail delivered a brief presentation on the process of selecting five women for this industrial park and Hangers which will be allocated to them.

At the end, Mini Industrial Park of Afghan women for the first time was inaugurated by H.E. First Lady and AWCCI delegation by cutting the ribbon.