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Meeting between AWCCI-East and Godozi project of USAID

Date: September 12, 2019

Venue: AWCCI office at Nangarhar

AWCCI-East arranged a meeting with Goldozi project of USAID on September 12, 2019 at AWCCI office at Nangarhar. In this meeting, Ms. Sadia Omarkhail, East Zone Manager of AWCCI, Mr. Amrullah Hanif, Project Manager of Goldozi-Nangarhar and Mr. Tariq Safi, Evaluation manager of Goldozi at Nangarhar participated.

Mr. Hanif said that one of the main goals of this entity is developing and extending women’s businesses hence Goldozi project of USAID aims to support 900 women businesses technically.

Mr. Hanif also added that Goldozi project is working on the plan of training 30 businesswomen in new designs, trade, marketing via Internet and other parts. For this purpose,  Goldozi will train six women for training other businesswomen in Nangarhar. Goldozi project has seven branches in Afghanistan.

AWCCI Zone Manager thanked Goldozi project officials for their efforts towards businesswomen capacity building.