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Meeting between HELP organization and AWCCI-West

Date: Aug 26, 2019

Venue: AWCCI-West office

A meeting was held between AWCCI-West Board of Directors and HELP organization on Monday Aug 26, 2019. Mr. Zabihullah Monib, Mr. Mohammad Ali Sorush from HELP organization, Ms. Maryam Jami Ul Ahmadi, Ms. Romimna Osmsani, Ms. Farida Mahyar, Ms. Safia Mohiti and Ms. Nasim Gul Azizi from AWCCI participated in this meeting. The purpose of meeting was to discuss on the concept note of business center construction for businesswomen in cross borders in Islam Qala border between Afghanistan and Iran. At first, Mr. Monib and Mr. Sorush explained the concept note which they submitted to the donor. This concept note includes construction of a building for businesswomen for selling women’s products such as handicrafts and clothing. This building will be built in Islam Qala border between Herat and Iran in the near future.

This business center considered for business women in the west zone and interested women will sell their products after establishment of this center. In addition, they can take benefit of capacity building programs and different exhibitions will be held in this building for them. The following points were discussed between participants:

  • Documents related to project: participants discussed taking land from government, procedures for selecting beneficiaries, and organization structure for women business center.
  • Organizational and operational structure after construction of building: AWCCI will prepare the structure of this business center and this place will be an AWCCI branch in Islam Qala border.
  • Implementation of this project in the border area: HELP organization has 12 years experience in providing vocational training project in border area. AWCCI will start a survey about businesswomen in the next coming days, also will see the government lands with cooperation of Afghanistan Independent Lands authority in order to provide topography from the require land from the point of geographic area and women access to this place.
  • Joint point between entities: AWCCI- West Zone as a provincial branch of AWCCI will cooperate related works with HELP organization.
  • Measurement and ownership of land: based on AWCCI’s survey, there are some lands which belong to Afghanistan Independent lands authority, Herat department of pilgrimage and Herat custom. AWCCI will visit and provide the topography of the needed land by cooperation of Herat independent land authority and HELP organization. The exact location of land will be considered according to access of women to this area and cross border trade opportunities between women in two countries. If the government lands have not good location the responsible organization will ask for help from the community people to allocate the needed land.
  • Managing and monitoring the center: AWCCI will be responsible for managing and properly monitoring and AWCCI will prepare an organizational structure for this center. AWCCI will link the new donor projects which will be related for marketing of women’s products in the future. This business center will be a new branch of AWCCI in the border area. It will be better to select and hire qualified employees from the community and properly monitor them.
  • Expenses: AWCCI’s members’ recommendation is to support the salary of employees who are responsible for management of this place between 1-2 years, less salary will be allocated to them. Other expenses will be paid from income and profit. AWCCI and HELP organization will prepare a good plan and after one-year economic cycle of this business center will be clear and sustainable.
  • Beneficiaries of this business center: before implementing this project, AWCCI and HELP will conduct an assessment and survey from community people. HELP organization with 12 years’ experience in vocational training programs in the Ismal Qala border will conduct a survey before starting this project. AWCCI and HELP will prepare a procedure for selecting beneficiaries.
  • Relations of this business center to trade in cross border: According the signed MoU between AWCCI- West Zone and business women center in Khurasan Razavi province, AWCCI facilitated the multiple entry visa for 15 women and AWCCI consider their first trip to Iran in order to attend in Mushroom training, planting saffron in green house and national and international ISO training in Iran. After construction of this building, business communication between Taibad, Torbat jam and Mashad will be expanded and also we AWCCI will hold exhibition. Moreover, Khursan Razavi women businesses center will facilitate and identify suitable opportunities in Iran for Afghan businesswomen.

At the end of the meeting, AWCCI promised their cooperation with this economic empowerment project and appreciated HELP organization for implementing business women economic empowerment project.