Meeting held with second vice president

On 16 April 2016, LEAD’s executive body along with board members and chairperson conducted a meeting with the second vice president Mr. Sarwar Danish, at his office. The aim of the meeting was to establish institutional alliances with government particularly the office of second vice president. Therefore, the office of the second vice presidency is a crucial connecting hub for LEAD to other lawmaker bodies, in order to empower women’s businesses through reflecting their economic problems and challenges in the laws and regulations in future.

The meeting started with a brief introduction of LEAD and its activities and continued through seeking support of the second vice president for strengthening the role of women entrepreneurs in the Afghan commerce world as economic contributors not as economic beneficiaries. Therefore, as a result the vice president Mr. Danish asked LEAD to provide them with a written proposal or outline on the challenges that business women are facing and submit it to his office in order to discuss them and possibly include them in the policies. Moreover, Mr. Danish announced his coordination with LEAD and promised that LEAD will be always invited in any of the high level meetings related to women’s economic empowerment.