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Meeting with Herat Municipality on establishing of Women Business Market

Date: November 6, 2018

Venue: Herat Municipality

Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry West Zone – Herat met Herat Mayor on 6th Nov 2018. In this meeting, Mr. Muhammad Dawod Anwari, Herat Mayor, Ms. Maryam jami Ul Ahmadi , Chair of AWCCI Board of Directors-West Zone, Ms. Nasim Gul Azizi, Zone Manager of AWCCI- Herat and five business women participated. The purpose of the meeting was to follow up on establishment of a women business Market in a proper location of Herat.

Mr. Anwari stated that AWCCI- West Zone should identify a piece of land for women business market and specify the government agency that owns it, then AWCCI can submit its proposal to municipality to get approval from the President of the country and the First lady. He recommended a piece of land for Women Business Market in Gulha square in Herat which is currently the property of Herat’s Breshna Directorate. AWCCI hopes to get this piece of land through a meeting with Electricity Directorate and a request to Presidency of the country for establishing the Women Business Market. Mr. Anwari added that Arazi Directorate allocated about 35 acres of land to Herat municipality and Japan government will establish a permanent exhibition market for products in Khwaja sahib plain area with 1,200,000 USD budget.

On the other hand, AWCCI- West Zone recommended that booths for women products should be considered in different location of the city. Mr. Anwari said that Herat municipality will sign a contract for providing about 200 standard booths and they will give priority to women businesses. He told that collaboration and providing facilities to women businesses is one of the priorities of this organization.