Samira Sarwar

Sameera Sarwar is born in 1991 Kabul, Afghanistan and graduated from High School in 2011. She started her professional qualification in 2012 with the concept of understanding the wider phenomena of business from professional aspect. Ms. Sameera Sarwar is an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Finalist. Later she started investing on her ideas and established a Sam & Shad Non-Alcoholic Beverages and food production company in the industrial parks, Pulecharkhi area, Kabul, with the vision of supplying mineral water and food products with seamless quality to corporate sector.

Kobra Dastgirzada

Kubra Dastgirzada daughter of Ghulam Dastgir was born in 1970 in Chindawol Afghanistan and she graduated from Inqelab High school in 1987 also she studied social sciences at Kabul University in 1991 and after graduation she married now she has four children two boys and two girls, Ms. Kubra is happy with his life and his family, she Interest in business and sports a lot.And also she continues to work with women working in the Physical Education Department.

Binazir Yakta

Ms. Binazir Yakta was in Daikundi province of Afghanistan. She is graduated International Relations. She belongs to a friendly family; her interest is in business, politics and sports.

Ms. Binazir Yakta was in 10th grade at school when she started working for women and she began a research about situation of women in Afghanistan. She concluded from this research that, women are deprived in society because they are not only deprived of their right to study, but also because they need men, and they are dependent in all aspects of their lives. 

Rahima Hajizada

Rahima Hajizada daughter of Mohammad Naiem was born in 1974 in Kabul Afghanistan. She was graduated from Amin e Fidaee High School, Kabul in 1988.

She got married and she has seven children 4 sons and 3 daughters, and she is interested in doing business, she wanted to have a private business and tried to work hard for improving it every day.  In Rahima’s view a women can start trading or business and be more successful than men.

This theory encourages other women who want to start a new business, and the reason for her success was her long passion for work.

Afsana Rahimi

Afsana Rahimi was born in Kabul Afghanistan and in 1987 she graduated from Sultana Razia High School also in 1995 she graduated from Balkh University.

She married in 2004 and has three sons in her marriage she was interested in self-sufficiency and independent work. She worked 10 years for a Kellid Group of Companies (a media outlet with Radio and print media in Afghanistan). She gained a lot of experience in the marketing and business sector.