Good News

Afghanistan Women’s Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) in continuation to its other services to business women, is launching a mentorship program. Through this program, business women, men and professionals in business functions from all over the world can share their knowledge, skills and experience with Afghan business women using a defined schedule developed in coordination with AWCCI. This program is launched to provide learning and transfer of knowledge and skills’ one on one opportunity to Afghan business women to  develop their enterprises and succeed in their business ventures. We at AWCCI would like to invite applications from those interested to be mentors to our businesswomen and from our businesswomen who wanted to receive mentorship. Both mentor and mentee applications can be found through this link ….
This mentorship program for mentors and mentees is volunteer for both sides. AWCCI would like to start the first cohort of mentorship on April 15th, 2021 so please get us your application by April 13th, 2021.