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More Afghan Women in Business Program with informal businesses

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Date: April 3, 2019

Venue: AWCCI office

More Afghan Women in Business held with the cooperation of WEE-RDP, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development by AWCCI for Enterprising Group of businesswomen from other Provinces and villages on 3rd April 2019 at AWCCI Conference room.

In this program, Mr. Sharif Akhtar and Ms. Sajia Sarwari from WEE-RDP, Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Business Development Services Director, Ms. Sona Mahmoody, AWCCI Board of Directors member, Ms. Soraya Saifi and Ms. Atena Hashimi, senior members of AWCCI and 12 businesswomen form Parwan Province and Bagram district participated.

Ms. Oryakhail started the program and welcomed all the participants in More Afghan Women in Business program. After the short introduction of participants, Mr. Akhtar thanked and appreciated AWCCI for holding the program with businesswomen from other provinces and added: “WEE-RDP is a program which has been working for women empowerment since 9 years ago and it increased the provinces which women had economic activities from 5 to 34 provinces. It is worth mentioning that AWCCI had a huge impact on women’s economic empowerment though it has been established just 2 years ago.”

Subsequently, Ms. Oryakhail explained the More Afghan Women in Business campaign and added that it was launched in 2nd anniversary of AWCCI and this session is from the informal Entrepreneurship sessions with businesswomen category. She highlighted the program objectives and talked about registration and the procedure of getting business license.  In second part of the program, a panel of three successful businesswomen held with the AWCCI members, namely, Ms. Sona Mahmoody, President of Rumi LLC, Ms. Soraya Saifi, the President of Fiber SAT Internet Services company and Ms. Atena Hashimi, the Founder of Henna Beauty Salon. During the panel discussion, women had the chance of hearing about firsthand experiences of businesswomen. At the end, a presentation about how to get AWCCI membership was delivered by BDS unit of AWCCI and a certificate was given to participants by AWCCI.