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Ninth session of “More Afghan Women in Business”

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Date: October 13, 2019

Venue: Mora students Hall

This time Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry held another session of “More Afghan Women in Business” with cooperation of Mora University for female students of this university. This University was selected because the students are all female. The university has only two faculties which are Medical science and BBA. The program held with participation of about 100 female students from BBA faculty of Mora University on October 13, 2019 at students Hall of this University. It worth mentioning that it was the first session that the number of students got up to 100. The main objectives of these sessions in universities are as following:

  1. To make female young generation aware of the new improvements in the business sector of Afghanistan
  2. To encourage female young generation, see entrepreneurship as an option and not working for others
  3. To ensure them of existence of a network of women as a support system for them
  4. To help them hear firsthand experience of businesswomen

At first, the session begun with recitation of Holy Quran. Afterwards, Ms. Kawsar Rahimi, Public and International Relations Officer at AWCCI officially started program with welcome notes. Subsequently Ms. Masooma Ibrahimi, AWCCI Board of Directors member introduced the campaign of “More Afghan Women in Business” for participants.

In the second part of the program Ms. Masooma Ibrahimi delivered the seminar of Entrepreneurship and Business to the attendees in Hall. At the beginning, she worked entrepreneurship exercise that tested students’ ideas about entrepreneurship. The presentation contained discussions such as impacts of entrepreneurship on life, differences between an Entrepreneur and an Employee, characteristics of an entrepreneur, characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, and writing business plan. At the end, there was a chance for students to test their ideas about entrepreneurship after the presentation. It was an interactive session.

In the third part of program, AWCCI arranged a panel discussion of three successful businesswomen on their business journey. Panelists were Ms. Afsana Rahimi, Chair of AWCCI and President of Shayar Media Services, Ms. Zohal Atmar, President of Gul-e-Morsal Company, and Ms. Hasina Zaeefi, President of Akaam Zaeefi group of companies. Shayar Media services company works in Media production, Placement, Monitoring services. Gule Morsal is a paper recycling company which uses paper wastes. Besides, Akaam Zaeefi is a company that works in dry fruits, nuts, dried fresh fruit that saves the fruits wastes from local and imported fruits and saffron production.

Penal discussion mainly focused on the business experiences of the panelists and their advices for students who had a business idea. Students not only had the chance of question and answer but also they shared their ideas.

AWCCI is grateful to Mora University for their cooperation and technical support and to Afghanistan International Bank trailblazer sponsor of AWCCI in 2019.