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AWCCI won 11th World Chambers competition in Best SME’s and Entrepreneurship Development Category!

Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) participated in the 11th edition of World Chambers Congress and Competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 12-14 June 2019. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and World Chambers Federation holds World Chambers Congress and the competition every 2 years. The competition was in three categories, Best Education and Training Project, Best SME and Entrepreneurship Development Project, and Best Unconventional Project .  AWCCI participated in the category of Best SME’s and Entrepreneurship Development competition this year. After being among 16 finalists of world Chambers Competition,  AWCCI won the competition among 6 of its category and they were Cali Chamber of Commerce (Colombia), Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Turkey), Konya Chamber of Industry (Turkey), National Confederation of Industry (Brazil), and Quito Chamber of Commerce (Ecuador).

AWCCI represented its achievements and accomplishments in less than two years to reflect its efficiency in women economic empowerment and advocacy for Afghan women, such as: in the first year of establishment: facilitating 665 participation of more than 200 women-owned businesses in 31 events (including exhibitions, conferences and workshops) inside and outside Afghanistan, Since 2016; more than 500 women attendance in legal awareness and advocacy training from 5 provinces Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Jelalabad and Kandahar. In 2018, 5% priority for women in procurement by National Procurement Authority (NPA) , 15-20% Industrial rule for SME’s and women, Private Sector Development NPP, National Export strategy, National Trade Policy, facilitating more than 700 participation from Kabul and provinces in more than 25 Exhibitions outside the country 15 Exhibitions inside the Country, Weekly Juma Bazaars in two locations of Kabul since July, 2018 , providing 160 women business owners with opportunity of participation in 6 training outside the country and 7 training inside the country, 13 conferences outside of the country, First Time in 16 years 8 women companies went to Dubai to sell of Global Village for six months, Establishing first mini Industrial Park and 20 women recognized and provided business expansion support in four years of annual Bibi Khadija Award and creating the Made by Afghan Women trademark to introduce top products of Afghan women made within and outside the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

AWCCI will keep on the hard work to develop Afghan women businesses and give them a national and international level recognition.

AWCCI’s President Ms Manizha Wafeq not only spoke at the panel of the competition of Best SMEs and Entrepreneurship Development about above activities and accomplishments of AWCCI but also spoke in another panel “Chambers and Startups” highlighting from her experience the importance of Chambers to do policy advocacy for the startups and to provide them the platform to engage and network with experienced businesses.

It is worth mentioning that AWCCI’s participation in such a world class platform was possible due to its membership and support of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Afghanistan Chapter. AWCCI would like to thank all its supporters specially H.E. First Lady of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Industry’s and Commerce, ICC Afghanistan, ICC’s World Chambers Federation, International Trade Center (ITC), Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), Afghanistan International Bank (AIB), Roshan Telecom.


Celebrated World Intellectual Property Day

Launch of “Made by Afghan Women” Trademark and celebrated the Creative Industries Project

Date and Time: May 13, 2018 – 01:00-4:00 PM

Venue: Government Media and Information Center

Contact: MOIC: +93(0) 704 999 995, AWCCI:, +93(0) 706 323 379

Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI) celebrated World Intellectual Property Day through Launch of “Made by Afghan Women” Trademark and Creative Industries Project on May 13, 2018 at the Government Media and Information Center.

The aim of launching the trademark “Made by Afghan Women” was to prepare women to export their products with a name and quality. Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry have planned for its branding and promotion and ensured the use of the trademark through a plan with consideration of pre-set criteria for quality and standards.

Key speeches were delivered by the following individuals: Welcome Speech by Ms. Manizha Wafeq, President and Co-Founder of AWCCI, Keynote Speech by H.E. Rula Ghani, First Lady of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, speech by H.E. Dilbar Nazari, Minster of Women Affairs, speech and Launch of Creative Industries by H.E. Feroz Khan Masjidi, the Deputy Minister for Private Sector and Industries Development, Speech to Launch the Trademark “Made by Afghan Women” by H.E. Kamila Sediqi, the Deputy Minister of Commerce with other Dignitaries.

It’s worth mentioning that based on the International Intellectual Property Day’s theme “Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity”, Awards were presented to the most Creative and Innovative female Industrialists and Service Providers by Mr. Tariq Ahmad Sarfaraz, Director General of Afghanistan Central Business Registry and Intellectual Property, MoIC.



Celebrating International Women’s Day with Women Owned Businesses

Celebrating ONE Year of becoming Afghanistan’s Women’s Chamber

Celebrating Collaborations and Partnerships

Date and Time: March 13, 2018 – 08:30

Venue: AWCCI Office

Contact:, +93(0) 706 323 379

Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI) held an event on March 13th, 2018 to celebrate its one year of existence, International Women’s Day and its new collaborations and partnerships, at AWCCI office in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Afghan businesswomen established an advocacy platform, Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD), in 2013, to effectively reflect businesswomen’s concerns and interests in the national policies. LEAD was changed to AWCCI. The change was approved by the High Economic Council, chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, on March 12, 2017.

The event was opened with remarks from H.E. Kamela Sediqi, Deputy Minister of Commerce where she emphasized on the importance of having institutions such as AWCCI to provide fundamental support to women-owned businesses and ensure others are doing substantial work in the country. She said “Ministry of Commerce considers AWCCI one of its major partners in developing Afghan women in private sector”

In this event AWCCI signed a number of Memorandum of Understandings with the following organizations which all will lead to substantial initiatives to improve women-owned businesses in Afghanistan.

  1. Afghanistan National Standards Authority
  2. Ministry of Agriculture
  3. Department of Handicraft, Ministry of Commerce
  4. Afghanistan International Bank

AWCCI launched its Volume 2 booklet of member’s profile and its Annual report of 2017 and a research on potential areas of investment in Afghanistan.

Besides, AWCCI presented on the new accomplishment of Afghan government and AWCCI the 5% preference for women businesses in national procurement and Mr. Hotaki Chair of National Procurement Authority received a BIG Thank you board, signed by AWCCI members.

Afghan Businesswomen’s concerns will be discussed at Brussels’s Gender and Women’s Side event
Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD) an advocacy platform for Afghan women’s economic concerns and businesswomen’s interest has the honor of representing Afghan businesswomen’s community’s recommendations at the Gender and Women’s side event “Empowered Women-Prosperous Afghanistan”.
LEAD on the occasion of Brussels Conference announces first set of quantitative data from its National Women’s Economic Database. The database includes information about 682 active women owned companies from around the country.
682 Afghan women have made an investment of USD 6.8 million and have created around 4000 jobs of which around 55% are for men and around 45% for women.
As LEAD is appreciative of the National Unity Government (specially Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled) initiative of developing a Women’s Economic Empowerment National Priority Program (WEE NPP) which considers enabling environment for women’s economic activities in both national and sub-national levels, the emphasize of the organization would be on government and international community to recognize women’s economic contribution and importance of their participation. Our data only shows information about formal businesses of women and it is a clear indication of women’s high contribution. We believe that their contribution in the informal sector is much higher so in recognition of that women’s presence in the directly economic related organizations such as Ministry of Commerce, Finance, De Afghanistan Bank, Labor and Social Affairs, Agriculture and Irrigation and Rural Rehabilitation and Development is considered crucial for integrating their concerns to the government’s policies, programs and budget.
We as well would like to emphasize on the new WEE NPP implementation and donor’s to align their programming with the WEE NPP’s objectives for a better, sustainable and systematic outcome as it envisions for.

LEAD’s release of a two-pager info/recommendation for the Brussels’ Conference is attached and media, national and international stakeholders are welcomed to contact us for further information.