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Public and Private Dialog about business women’s problems and challenges in the west zone held

AWCCI, in collaboration with Harakat, held a PPD in Herat to address the challenges of businesswomen in West zone and to find solutions to those challenges on July 6, 2020. Ms. Maryam Jami-ul-Ahmadi, Chair of AWCCI – West Zone Herat Office, stated that the purpose of holding this PPD is to share the challenges of women in business, especially the problems caused by the outbreak of the COVID – 19. She added that we want women entrepreneurs to talk about their problems and Challenges, and the existing barrier of economic activities face to face with development partners and sectoral directorates in order to develop a specific plan to solve these problems with their support. Business operations of women have been suspended and their capital has decreased. She added that these women should revive their enterprises and for this, we ask the government and international institutions to provide grants, short-term and long-term loans, and stumilus/support packages to industrialize the marketing of women’s products.

In this PPD, businesswomen asked for the full support of the government and international partners to revive their business, and emphasized on the need for the government to provide the necessary facilities and suitable conditions for the growth of their business.

Mr. Nasir Ahmad Majroh, Director of Private and Public Sector Dialogue – Harakat, spoke about the activities of Harakat Organization in the field of private and public sector.

Ms. Munisa Hassan zada, Herat’s Deputy Governor in Social Affairs, stated that reducing the negative effects of the Corona outbreak on the economy of businesswomen is one of the priorities of the Herat Local Government and added:

“Efforts are being made to exempt and obtain tax breaks for businesswomen through the local government, and in addition, in cooperation with existing institutions, we are trying to find ways to provide assistance and more facilities to women entrepreneurs.”

She added that Herat local government has always supported women entrepreneurs and made efforts to support and solve women entrepreneurs’ problems and will continue its efforts to pursue and resolve challenges through the central government.

Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, AWCCI’s Vice-President and Ms. Sayeda Faqirzada, Director of Women Business Resource Center – AWCCI emphasized on the importance of the existing challenges where partner agencies play a significant role in solving and called on international agencies and partners to develop stimulus or support packages for women businesses.

Besides, representatives of international organizations such as Help, FAO, Mercy Corps, IOM, WADAN, AWEC, DAI, CCNP, WEE-RDP also talked about the challenges of women and shared what kind of support they provide and also asked for government’s support to women’s formal and informal businesses. At the end of the program, officials of government entities, including the Directorates of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Labor and Social Affairs, Economy, Industry and Commerce, and Land shared their plans and support to women businesses.