Rahima Hajizada

Persistence and hard work shortens the long way to success!

Rahima Hajizada daughter of Mohammad Naiem was born in 1974 in Kabul Afghanistan. She was graduated from Amin e Fidaee High School, Kabul in 1988.

She got married and she has seven children 4 sons and 3 daughters, and she is interested in doing business, she wanted to have a private business and tried to work hard for improving it every day.  In Rahima’s view a women can start trading or business and be more successful than men.

This theory encourages other women who want to start a new business, and the reason for her success was her long passion for work.

Rahima worked before marriage as teacher, however after marrying, she could not continue to work because her in-laws family did not give permission, but when she saw that her husband is no more capable of working and is sick, then she again decided to work and this time she started with establishing her own Bakery. She went on and continued to work. Her second venture was curtain making. But she quickly discovered that she was not making enough then she decided to serve as a pedagogy teacher.


Her teaching profession also didn’t give her a good income so she saw an announcement abot jewelry making; she applied and became a student of jewelry workshop. After 5 years she became the Director of Khurshid Taban Afghan Company, a jewelry making company of her own. Her company employs 23 women and all these women are the bread winners of their families. She has also mentored several young girls to start their small companies. She offers now a high quality product that she had dreamt of.

Despite her jewelry quality and designs are good she faces a challenge of low in sales. Now she works hard to find buyers for her products inside and outside Afghanistan. Rahima faced many problems in her life working but she resolves all of those problems.

The message of Rahima for businesswomen is “everything is possible if you go after it persistently and don’t get tired of hard work” and she says “both men and women can work  and gain success”.

Ms. Rahim’s request from the government is only one and that is ensuring the security. She asks international organizations to provide them technical support so they enhance their business management skills.

LEAD/Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) wishes her further success in her business.