You are currently viewing Report on Official Launch and General Assembly of the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry in South Zone-Kandahar Province

Report on Official Launch and General Assembly of the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry in South Zone-Kandahar Province

Date: March 5th, 2018

Venue: Provincial Office Kandahar Province


AWCCI officially launched its activities and General Assembly in the South Zone-Kandahar province on March 5th, 2018. The Launch was attended by around  50 women business owners, government dignitaries, AWCCI leadership from Kabul and media. The program was hosted by Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail Business Development Services Director of AWCCI. The event opened by recitation of few verses of the Holy Quran and playing National Anthem of Afghanistan. Subsequently, Ms. Manizha Wafeq President and one of the Founders of AWCCI welcomed all the  guests and participants specially Kandahar province Governor H.E. Mr. Zalmai Wesa, Director of Women Affair Kandahar Province Ms. Roqia Achakzai, Deputy Governor Mr. Abdul Hanan Moneeb, Director of Commerce Allaudin Hamidi, Director of Provincial Council Mr. Said Jan Khakrizwal, Women Entrepreneurs and all others. Ms. Wafeq briefly stated the establishment of AWCCI, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, seat of AWCCI in High Councils of policymaking and decisions making tables such as Economic Council. Later according to the agenda the First Lady’s video message was played. In his speech of Kandahar province Governor H.E. Mr. Zalmai Wesa expressed his contentment with the launch of AWCCI in Kandahar province and announced his comprehensive support for improvement of women businesses in the provinces and neighboring provinces such as Helmand, Zabol and Orzgan. He added that, opening of AWCCI in Kandahar province will have positive effect on the women businesses and women will have specific address to refer their problems and improve their businesses. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to H.E. First Lady’s support to such important institutions and he expressed his full support to the work of AWCCI in Kandahar province and when he cut the ribbon prayed that women will also soon send their products in containers to all over the world.

Later on the H.E. the Governor, Deputy Governor, Director of Women Affairs, Director of Commerce, Director of Provincial Council, AWCCI President and Kandahar province businesswomen by cutting the ribbon and prayers for the success of the Chamber launched the activities.

Consequently, Ms. Roqia Achakzai, Mr. Said Jan Khakrizwal, Mr. Allaudin Hamidi, expressed their gratitude with the opening of AWCCI in this province and expressed their full support.

In the next section, Ms. Wafeq presented the Bylaw of AWCCI and highlighted the terms of selection and responsibilities of Board of Directors in South-Zone. Based on the Bylaw, five members of the Board of Directors will be selected after transparent election. In consultation with businesswomen in South Zone that were present in the event, 5 businesswomen nominated themselves. Since there weren’t more candidates so the participants agreed to have the following five persons as the Board of Directors of AWCCI in South Zone;Ms. Rahima Ziwari, Ms. Shokrya Anwari, Ms. Fariba Dorani, Ms. Salma Wahidi and Ms. Maryam Dorani.

After serving lunch the program ended.