Sameera Sarwar

Follow your dreams and bring positive changes in the development of economy

Sameera Sarwar is born in 1991 Kabul, Afghanistan and graduated from High School in 2011. She started her professional qualification in 2012 with the concept of understanding the wider phenomena of business from professional aspect. Ms. Sameera Sarwar is an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Finalist. Later she started investing on her ideas and established a Sam & Shad Non-Alcoholic Beverages and food production company in the industrial parks, Pulecharkhi area, Kabul, with the vision of supplying mineral water and food products with seamless quality to corporate sector.

After the struggles and achieving success in Panacea Natural mineral water (a brand of Sam & Shad), she understood the true potential of her ability in establishing successful businesses and stepped into professional service industry by introducing Roman Sam Audit & Consultancy Firm. Ms. Sameera Sarwar is one of successful female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan with a bright vision of contributing to the economy of Afghanistan and creating employment opportunities for Afghan families.

Where health is most important value of human being, contaminated water is most deadly contributor to damaging health according to surveys and statistics around the world. She started this company to take proactive measures and help Afghanistan’s nation to maintain their most important value in better and proactive way.

Ms. Sameera stated that, today Panacea is first company which accept the challenge of comparative water testing randomly samples from market. Panacea reinvests the profit contribution back to Research and Development of its products.

Her ambition is contributing to the health & economy of Afghanistan and creating employment opportunities for Afghan families and supplying quality products.

Through her company she provide job opportunity for Afghan families.  Over 60 people, both males and females are employed in the company, and more than 400 people are given indirect employability who are the retailers and wholesalers of our products.

About her challenging Ms. Sameera said that, “The most challenging situation was when the cost of producing quality product was double than those of competitors. Gracefully customers realized the claim of Panacea Natural Mineral water high quality after testing conducted by Dacaar, FMIC and Ministry of health”.

In her message to other women who wants starts their business she said, “The start is hard, but one should always keep the consistency built on their vision accomplishment and females are more courageous enough to not only see dreams but built on their dreams and bring a positive change in the economy of the country.

Ms. Sameera said that, As far as Panacea have no strategy nor the intention of obtaining funds from Government and International organizations, our expectation from the government and other organization is to give chance to our female entrepreneurs in the market and buy from them. Support them technically to strengthen their businesses and play their role in the economy of our country.