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Second National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit

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Venue: Kabul Serena Hotel

Date: November 21, 2019

National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit was initiated by MoIC’s Former Deputy Minister of Trade, Ms. Kamila Sediqi, in cooperation with the Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) for the first time and was held at Kabul Serena Hotel on November 19, 2018 with the presence of high-ranked government and private sector dignitaries such as H.E. Ministers of Women Affairs, Mines and Petroleum, Transport, and National Procurement Authority officials. The main objectives of this program were recognizing best entrepreneurs, and identifying the working challenges and opportunities for women in 12 provinces of Afghanistan.

This time, AWCCI led and held the Second National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit on November 21, 2019 at Kabul Serena Hotel with the presence of more than 200 businesswomen form 20 provinces of Afghanistan. This program took place in continuation to the last year’s program consisting of business matchmaking between businesswomen of provinces, introducing growth opportunities for their businesses and networking among them. Besides, a panel of government and private sector dignitaries, workshops on business topics, and an exhibition was organized.

In this program, Ms. Spozhmai Wardak, Technical and Policy Deputy of Ministry of Women Affairs, Ms. Amena Ahmady, Director General of Revenue at Ministry of Finance, Ms. Shahrzad Hirji, Ambassador of Agha Khan, Ms. Nargis Nehan, Former Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman, President of ICC, Ms. Kamela Sediqi, Former Trade Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce and Founder of Kaweyan Group of Companies, AWCCI Board of Directors, AWCCI Board of Directors and more than 200 businesswomen from different provinces of Afghanistan participated.

At the beginning, program begun with the recitation of some verses of Holy Quran and in continuation Ms. Manizha Wafeq, the President and Co-Founder of AWCCI introduced the program and highlighted the main objectives of the program. Subsequently, Ms. Spozhmai Wardak in her speech appreciated AWCCI for holding Second National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit and about program said that AWCCI has always worked for businesswomen development and appreciation and this summit is also one of the AWCCI’s effective programs for recognition and networking among businesswomen. Later on, Ms. Shahrzad Hirji congratulated AWCCI board of directors and executives for holding such program and she further talked about the related activities of Agha Khan Network in different provinces of Afghanistan.

In second part of the program, a Panel “Tips to succeed” was organized with the participation of Ms. Amena Ahmady, Ms. Nargis Nehan, Ms. Kamela Sediqi, and Ms. Khwaga Kakar. In this part, panelists shared their success story, challenges and recommendation with other women.

In third part, AWCCI’s partners such as WEE-RDP, Agha Khan Network, Ghazanfar Bank and Presentation by Horticulture Value Chain Development Program on their grants delivered presentations to the attendees of program. The presentations were on services for women or entities activities in different provinces of Afghanistan.

In fourth part, two parallel workshops organized. One workshop held under the title of “Marketing” and the other workshop held with the title of “Business Management”. In marketing workshop Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Business Development Services Director was the facilitator, Ms. Mohsina Saqeb, President of Jama Saqeb Handicrafts Company and board member of AWCCI; and Ms. Kamela Sediqi, Founder of Kaweyan Group of Companies delivered presentations related to the Marketing.

In the business management workshop Ms. Manizha Wafeq was the facilitator, Ms. Zahra Sarwary, the President of Royesh and member of AWCCI board and Mosawer Azami of RomanSam Consultancy Services Company delivered related presentations to attendees of the workshop. Afterwards, for better understanding and knowing each other all the participants named themselves and their businesses.

Besides Second National Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit, an exhibition of businesswomen products from Kabul and 20 provinces of Afghanistan and AWCCI’s partners was organized and was open from the beginning till the end of the event. At the end Ms. Oryakhail delivered a presentation on “Made By Afghan Women” trademark. The program ended with networking among women entrepreneurs and serving lunch.

AWCCI is thankful to WEE-RDP and Agha Khan Network for bringing women from provinces to the event. Besides, AWCCI is thankful to Afghanistan International Bank, Trailblazer Sponsor of AWCCI and the event, Roshan Telecom, Women Economic Empowerment sponsor and the event silver sponsors (NETLINKS Ltd., Ghazanfar Bank, and RICGISO International) and technical support of Kaweyan Group of Companies.