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Job Location: Balkh                                                                         City: Mazar-e-Sharif         

Nationality: Afghan                                                                         Organization: AWCCI North Zone/Balkh               

Gender: Female                                                                                Number of Vacancies: 2

Years of Experience: 2 years                                                       Education: Certified SIYB Trainer with at least a Bachelor’s Degree

Close Date: Mar. 31, 2021


About AWCCI:

Since 2002, many non-profit organizations started working for Afghan women’s empowerment and rights achievement. Almost all focused their activities and advocacy work on women’s political, social and cultural participation and rights. None has taken on women’s economic participation or businesswomen’s concerns so far. The need for an entity to organize businesswomen’s voice and advocate for their interests is emphasized on in the report; Women’s Economic Empowerment, Information mapping, 2002-2012, Afghan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU): At the national level, an umbrella Afghan women’s organization is needed.

A group of businesswomen realized this need and lack of existence of a platform so they collaborated and established Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD). LEAD was established in 2013 and officially launched on January 22, 2014. It is registered with the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries as a businesswomen’s association.

Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD) that got approval from the High Economic Council of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan presided by the President Ashraf Ghani to become Afghanistan’s Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries on March 12th , 2017.

Vision: Afghan Women and Female Entrepreneurs have national and international recognition for their contribution in the sustainable economic development of Afghanistan.

Mission: To meaningfully represent and support women’s concerns and interests in the economic sector.

Goal: To have a viable business/work environment in the privates sector of Afghanistan for women to participate and contribute the economic development of Afghanistan.

LEAD/AWCCI conducted its activities towards achieving its goal and fulfilling its mission under two main titles:

  • Unifying Our Voice – activities under this title meant to work with women business owners, increase their awareness and enhance their participation towards the common goal of reflecting concerns and interests of women business owners in the policy making.
  • Let’s collaborate for a Better Result – activities under the title were conducted with partners within and outside Afghanistan to enhance opportunities for women business owners.




AWCCI is looking for two SIYB Certified Trainers for a training of five days for businesswomen in Mazar-e-Sharif. This is a short term position.

Job Description:

  • Coordinating with the project consultant on the developed materials for training of SIYB
  • Conducting pre- and post- training survey of the trainees
  • Communicating and arranging the training sessions for the target group considering the relevancy of each topic according to the assessment reports
  • Developing training timeline for each training topic group considering the assessment reports of assessment reports and findings and recommendations
  • Organizing and facilitating training session with practical work on the business management topics covering the financial management, marketing management and operations management for 25 trainees for 5 days
  • Record keeping of training session, including registration of participants, pictures, training reports on the daily and session basis.
  • Preparing and providing assessment reports of built capacity for each session of the training from the trainees
  • Coaching and mentoring on the session based on the recommendations of training participants in specific sections
  • Submitting a final training report

Job Requirements:

  • Strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills to understand problems, convey ideas, and conduct training
  • Creative and innovative thinking, which enable the trainer to hold trainee’s attention and improvise solutions
  • Excellent presentation skills to present and handle training programs effectively
  • Holding a valid SIYB Training Certification and recent experience of conducting SIYB training
  • Professional work experience in the areas of organization development and training
  • Bachelor degree with extensive background on delivering training for businesswomen
  • Strong mentoring and coaching skills for ensuring delivery of the required capacity to the trainees
  • Good English in writing reports
  • Able to identify and analyze problems and provide better solutions

Submission Guideline:

The applicants should send their CV along with a Cover Letter via email indicating “SIYB Trainer recruitment” in the subject line of the email no later than March 31, 2021.

Only short-listed candidates will be called for interview.


Submission Email:,