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Strengthen Collaboration

On 4 Feb 2016, in order to strengthen collaboration and coordination among the LEAD, National and International organization held by participation of 40 women business including the national and international institutions and the news agencies. This event launched in the conference hall of LEAD’s office.

The purpose of the meeting was to create and strengthen collaboration and cooperation between the National and International economic sectors’ stakeholders and exchanging experiences with LEAD and effective advocacy for women in business.

Meeting was started with reciting of Holly Quran by Ms. Hanifa, then it continued at 02:18 pm, within Mrs. Manizha Wafeq’s statement who is one of LEAD’s founders., she introduced the LEAD briefly, founders, board of directors’ members and LEAD’s executive members to the participants. Women should be given actively parts in all governmental and non-governmental structures, she added. Women in business, national and international institutions should address within more coordination to ensure those structures that the women have not ignored. Whereas, in Central Asia’s trades indicate that the women are less accessed to the economy which it has been also effected on Afghanistan’s economic structures. (e.g.), Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) observed that women employees are in very low level than men who employed. Thus, it should be taken into consideration. Lastly, she had stressed that those women have taken the membership of LEAD, anyone who are more active will be consider equally in any of LEAD’s enrichment programs.

Hasina Safi, executive director of Afghan Women Network, introduced the AWN briefly she stressed that LEAD shall prioritize activities according to their needs. LEAD shall evaluate and analyses women’s economic empowerment and identify women’ problems and solutions then based on LEAD’s capacity prepare plans. LEAD’s board of directors should support the executive members decisively; LEAD shall Strengthen coordination or collaboration among relevant organizations and keeping stability and be ready to solve any challenges. Executive body should be transparent. Lastly, she had declared with the obligation announced the AWN’s cooperation and collaboration with LEAD in various fields.

Habiba Wahaj vice president’s adviser for women and youths’ affairs in her speech in regards of women effective activities stressed that in the Afghanistan’s president cabinet a ″Gender Committee″ established which this proposal presented by ministry of women’s affairs. In the Presidential cabinet emphasized that the women work, process in the departments should be considering in good manners. ″Sexual Abuse Regulation″ for women is another achievement that developed in the Cabinet. Currently, a draft plan prepared which emphasizes that 30 percent of ministries’ staffs must constitute by female employment; finally, she has declared her cooperation with LEAD in various fields.

Naveed Naeem, representative of UN-WOMEN, and Shokriya Nayeb, representative of municipality, talked about availability opportunities for women business, which the important points are: ″women business can exhibit their goods in Baghe Zanana (Women Garden), women in business can participate at six months training and projects, and lastly, they have declared their cooperation and collaboration in various fields with LEAD.

This meeting ended at 04:00 pm, within Homa Usmany, LEAD’s executive director remarks by blessing in the intimacy environment.

Event Results:

In overall, effective coordination and cooperation among Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD), National and International organizations, businesses women concluded, which the details outlined as follow:

  1. About development and assistance for women’s activities, each Habiba Wahaj, women and youth adviser at vice president’s department and Afghan Women’s Network executive director, declared their readiness collaboration to the LEAD for women’s further development.
  2. Naveed Naeem, representative of UN-WOMEN, asked LEAD to introduce active women for participation in six months training, seminars, and travelling to abroad.
  3. Shokria Nayeb, the municipality representative, declared her readiness to cooperate with LEAD and women in business in regards of women’s exhibition in Baghe Zanana (Women Business Park / garden), also she pledged that for women in business would be discount to exhibit their goods in the aforementioned Gardens.